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Avatar Username: yankeesrule3526
User ID: 56
Joined on: 21st March 2009
Last seen on: 5th December 2022 12:13

.adopt statistics

Amount of Virtuadopts levelled: 3,385
Amount of Virtuadopts clicked today: 41
Amount of eggs adopted: 163
Amount of eggs bred: 18

Promos claimed: 5

Amount of adoptables: 324
Amount of owned Pokémon: 297
Amount of shiny Pokémon: 9
Amount of promo Virtuadopts: 9
Amount of owned unique Pokémon: 191

.site statistics

Amount of trades created: 17
Amount of trades with accepted offers: 13
Amount of offers made: 5
Amount of offers accepted: 4

.game statistics

Coins flipped: 75
Coin flips correctly guessed: 34
Raffle tickets purchased: 1,498
Transfer Station donated Pokémon: 6
Transfer Station donated Legendary: 0
Transfer Station donated Event: 0
Transfer Station donated Monthly: 0