Water Park Open

Hear ye, hear ye! The Water Park has finally opened its metaphorical gates! While some parts of it, including its physical gates, are still under construction due to an unforeseen absence of our Deoxys-shaped helpers, the sunbathing area of our park is already done and ready to be used by humans and Pokémon alike!

Join our first guest, Parasol Primarina, by the pool as he enjoys the warm Summer daylight on one of the many sunbeds. Just be careful not to splash pool water in his direction; he is quite the diva in that regard. If you just want to chill out next to him and watch the construction workers building the rest of the park, I’m sure he will appreciate it, if you don’t talk too much, either. Maybe just silently count to one thousand a couple of times?

And for those of you who want some more action, the volleyball field is also ready to be played on. Grab yourself a ball and some friends, and you’re good to go! Just one more warning: Those egg-shaped things around the field shouldn’t be confused with the actual volleyball. But feel free to pick those up, if you want to.

Alright then, have fun in our amazing Water Park!

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Ice Cream Cones

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! You can now purchase ice cream cones from the Mart or the Game Corner Prize Shop through September 7th.. What do you do with them? You decorate them with your favorite scoops of Pokémon ice cream!

Ice cream scoops can be obtained from the Slot Machine while feeding or using the Click Exchange. Every week, for the next 6 weeks, a new group of 15 scoops will become available, replacing the active group. All 6 groups of scoops will be available from August 18th through August 31st, so you have a second chance of finding any you missed or stock up on more.

To add ice cream scoops to cones, go to the Pokémon Center and edit the adoptable. You will see the Customize link (like Deoxys). You can then mix and match scoops until you have the perfect flavors. Don't like the changes you made? Just refresh the page to reset! If you are happy, just click Save.

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Flying Fights

You can find your own Rayquaza in the new Flying Fights Match pack all month long. You may even encounter its shiny form if you are lucky!

For those of you on team Deoxys, you may want to change into attack form to lead the charge, take a defensive form to protect the others, or run away with lightning speed...all of which are your choice via the adoptable's edit page.

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June Monthly Egg

We finally watched it happening! We stayed up late and kept an eye on the sky, when we saw a huge meteor shower raining down on VA. I wonder what's causing this to happen. Is there some kind of secret, epic space battle going on above us that makes asteroids shattering and falling down to earth? Of course, we immediately set out to collect those space rocks, when we realized that some of them weren't actually rocks...

They look very similar to eggs, and judging by the poor state their shell is in, you better collect as many of them as you can. Leaving them out here in the open makes them vulnerable to getting hit by even more meteorites, and we don't want that to happen, do we? Thank you once again for your help!

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Hey, what's that?!

Initially, we didn't even want to make an announcement for this, because we didn't want to alarm you. But reports are piling up about meteorites appearing in the slot machine. We thought, if we just picked up enough of them, they would disappear. But quite the contrary! Their amount seems to have doubled. Where are they coming from? Has anyone seen them falling from the sky, or is it happening at night, when everyone is asleep?

Anyway... we need your help with collecting them. We can't leave them scattered all over the place, as they are sharp and pointy and pose a high risk of someone stumbling over them and hurting themselves. And we can't start this year's Summer Event until they are gone.

May Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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April Monthly Egg
We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.
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15th Anniversary

Today marks a monumental milestone in our journey together - Virtuadopt's 15th Anniversary! We've come a long way since our humble beginnings on April 1, 2009, and we owe it all to you, our dedicated trainers and adopters.

To celebrate this special occasion, we're thrilled to announce two major additions to Virtuadopt! The first is the release of the Unova region. Pick up new eggs from the Adoption Center today and start collecting your favorite Pokémon from the new region. The second update is a new game called Expeditions. Send your adoptables out to explore different biomes and collect awesome prizes and rare items.

We want to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for being part of our community. Whether you've been with us since the beginning or just joined recently, your support and enthusiasm have made Virtuadopt what it is today.

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March Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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Donut Buizel

Are flowers just not your thing? How about chocolate? Maybe donuts? Why pick one when you can be like Buizel and have the best of both worlds!

If you try to breed Buizel in the Daycare, you will receive Donut Buizel! It is available for the next three weeks.

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Bouquet Wormadam

Give your loved ones a Bouquet Wormadam to show your appreciation. Bonus: The flowers won't wilt!

Pick up your own Bouquet Wormadam from the Click Exchange and Slot Machine until the end of the month.

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February Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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Cupid Togetic

If you have been struck by Togetic's arrow, you have less than two weeks to get that special someone a gift. If you don't, you might become a Missingno.

Cupid Togetic is available in the Game Corner Prize Shop, so get yours today!

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January Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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Wishmaker Jirachi

Get ready for the new year, and make a wish. Wishmaker Jirachi is here to grant your wish, and help you stick to your New Year's resolution.

Wishmaker Jirachi is now available in the Game Corner Prize Shop for a limited time.

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The Eon Duo

The Eon duo have been spotted flying around Virtuadopt! Shortly after Santa visited the good boys and girls, reports of Latias and Latios started pouring in. Have you seen them?

Latias and Latios are now available in the slot machine, replacing the lake trio. They will be available through the end of January.

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Leader Dudunsparce

The Virtuadopt advent calendar has come to a close. But it isn't all sad...

Pick up your Leader Dudunsparce from the Game Corner Prize Shop before time expires!

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December Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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Advent Calendar 2023

Welcome to Virtuadopt's 2023 Advent Calendar! Like last year, a new bonus will be unlocked every day for the next 25 days. These are limited time bonus, often only lasting for 24 hours, so be sure to check in every day.

On this first day of Advent, the Raffle has four new-old promos Holly Meganium, Snow Noctowl, Cookie Dratini, and Holy Skarmory. Additionally, for today only, every raffle will last for one hour.

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November Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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Dullahan Calyrex

For the next week, rare candy will be appearing all over Virtuadopt (minus the forum) to those lucky enough to find some. Collect enough candy, and Dullahan Calyrex may be lured out of the shadows and join your team!

Candy can be redeemed here, and is also accessible via the Game Corner. Candy will appear for the next week, and you have an additional week after that to redeem your candy.

Or, you can be like me and eat it instead.

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Drone Pumpkaboo

Complete the limited time Halloween Match pack to have a chance at winning Drone Pumpkaboo.

You are limited in how many you can win. You may even encounter a shiny one!

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October Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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Friday the 13th

Who says Friday the 13th has to be all about bad luck? We have removed luck entirely! Pick up Jason Aipom and Skeleton Cubone from the Game Corner Prize Shop today. Hurry, time is running out.

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Chilling Bag of Treats

This Glaceon decided to wear a witch costume this Halloween, cursing all the candy thieves who dare to steal from her bag of treats which is already way too full and heavy for her to carry around. But that won’t keep her from snarling at anyone who tries to nab a piece from it.

Get your very own Treat Glaceon until the end of the month as a guaranteed click prize!

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Spooky Scary Devil Hounds

The September monthly egg has hatched into Abandoned Mimikyu! But how does it tie into October's events? Read the beginning of the latest story to find out.

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September Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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Biggest Update Ever

Welcome to the new and vastly improved Virtuadopt! Everything has been redesigned from the ground up to make playing faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

This new look is courtesy of Tango. For a quick look at some of the new features, as well as the design inspiration, be sure to read the forum announcement.

We have sprinkled in many quality of life improvements and hope you like our new look. Now, get exploring!

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August Monthly Eggs

We are excited to announce two new monthly eggs, available now! Find out what is inside in two weeks.

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The Diving Pokémon

Lugia possesses incredible psychic powers, allowing it to communicate telepathically and control the forces of nature. With its wings, it can create and manipulate powerful winds, which it uses to maintain balance and calm in its surroundings. As a guardian of the sea, it has the ability to control water, which it uses to protect and defend its territory.

Lugia is available for the month of August, if you can dive to the deepest depths of the ocean and find it.

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Mizu Cake Dousion

It uses just a bit of its toxic, yet tasty liquid to create the sweet flavor of the raindrop cake. Absorbing the toxic from the drop of water is the final step, which grants it its jelly-like structure and leaves no risk for food poisoning.

Mizu Cake Dousion is now available through August 6 as a Match game prize. It can only be won via the exclusive Food Festival pack.

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Takoctilleryaki Anyone?

With a fork in its forehead and naturally regrowing limbs, this Octillery is well-suited for the Food Festival. It loves getting compliments for how well it tastes, but even if you order the vegan variant of its dish, made with mushrooms or tofu, you are in for a culinary joyride.

Takoctilleryaki is now available as a slot machine promo until August 9.

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Spicy Ramen

Can you decipher the clues to obtaining dinner tonight? They're hidden in the story, available now on the forum. It's a hearty bowl of Seviperamen!

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July Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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BBQ Floragato

Following the re-release of the Kanto birds and the release of their shiny forms, another entry to the story is now available. Introducing, BBQ Floragato!

BBQ Floragato is now available as a guaranteed click prize until the end of the month.

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Fire, Ice, and Lightning

"Disturb not the harmony of fire, ice, or lightning, lest these titans wreak destruction upon the world in which they clash."

For the month of July, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres return to the Slot Machine!

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Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof Bidoof

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June Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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Dev Diary Q2 2023

A new developer diary has been posted on the forum. In addition to covering what has happened, we look forward to what is coming. And, another sneak peak at the new Virtuadopt design...

June Already?!

As we enter the first month of Summer, we have made some changes to the site again.

First up, the Regis are back! Hooray! Second, the Spring Pack in Match Game has been replaced by the Summer Pack. Third, last year's Summer Promos from the Raffle have returned to the Prize Shop, available for everyone to purchase for coins! Yes, even their shiny versions! And last but not least, the new Summer Raffle Promos are here as well!

Keep your eyes open because there's even more to come soon!

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Rainbow Bird Arrives

Following the reappearance of the Johto beasts Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, we are receiving reports of Ho-oh being spotted nearby!

Ho-oh is now available as a prize for winning Guess the Number. But choose wisely, the toughest players will be rewarded.

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May Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside next week.

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Johto Beasts Return

The Johto beasts have returned to Virtuadopt. If you are lucky, you may encounter their shiny form!

Raikou, Entei, and Suicune are available in the slot machines for the entire month.

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Happy Easter

There is so much to tell you about, so lets get right into it!

A new guaranteed click promo is now available for the next two weeks. It's called Cinderacer, and you might even encounter a shiny one!

The Game Corner Prize Shop is now selling two returning promos, Easter Chansey and Egg Shuckle, for the next two weeks. Try out the recently released Guess the Number game to earn Virtucoins.

Saving the best for last, there are now differently colored Smeargle available to hatch. There are a dozen different colors to collect and to celebrate, for today only, you have an increased chance of hatching Smeargle from the Adoption Center! To see them all, check out our Instagram page.

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14th Birthday Party

Happy April 1st! Remember, you can't believe anything you see on the Internet today. But what you can believe, is Virtuadopt is 14 years old today!

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Egg-citing Easter

Attention all Easter enthusiasts! Get ready for a cracking surprise this year as we're excited to announce the arrival of two very special eggs! As we celebrate the spirit of Easter, we invite you to join us in welcoming these two special eggs to our Easter celebration. These eggs are sure to add some extra fun and excitement to your Easter festivities with their unique personalities and vibrant colors

We can't wait to share these special eggs with you and make this Easter a truly memorable one. See you in two weeks!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!

That’s right, it’s St. Patrick’s Day, and everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Even VA, but don’t worry, we won’t suddenly change the site’s language for a day. Instead, we celebrate all things green! Like Shamrocks, Leprechauns, the Green Pack in the Match Game, and obviously the hatching of the Monthly Eggs you hopefully adopted and leveled in the past week.

Green… Huh… what else is green? Oh, I know! How about a nice little surprise for you shiny hunters out there? And I’m not talking about a pot of gold here.

That’s right! This nice Shiny Registeel and its friends Shiny Regice and Shiny Regirock are available in the Slot Machine now for the remainder of the month! How’s that for a St. Patrick’s Day celebration?

You are still here and reading? Shoo! Get back to clicking, so we can prepare something...different.

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March Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! Find out what is inside on St. Patrick's Day!

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Happy Valentines!

For the story behind these two, read the forum announcement. They can be found in the Slot Machine. Remember to share their love, because you'll need to trade to get the other part of this pair. They are only available for one week, and you might even encounter a shiny one!

For those who know self love is just as important as loving others, Valentines Plusle and Minun can be purchases from the Game Corner Prize Shop for one week.

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1,000,000 Adoptable

At 11:30 pm, the 1,000,000th Virtuadopt was adopted! To celebrate this milestone, Million Quintet has been added to the Game Corner Prize Shop for one week. Get yours today for the small sum of 1 Virtucoin.

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February Monthly Egg

We are excited to announce a new monthly egg, available now! What is inside? It will be revealed on Valentine's day!

Head to the Adoption Center now to pick up your egg before it's too late!

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It's time, time to go back almost 20 years ago. To the land of Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip. When games launched as finished projects, without day one updates.When you had to pick between using the phone or using the internet. That's right, 135 Pokémon have arrived on Virtuadopt from the Hoenn region! New items are available in the Mart, the Daycare has more ways to breed, new evolution mechanics, and even more changes under the hood for future events!

Speaking of new events, a new game has opened in the Game Corner, Match! Re-imagined to be more fun, while bringing a challenge to those looking to punish themselves. Those who seek the difficult path shall be rewarded.

On the subject of rewards, new prizes have been added to the Game Corner to celebrate this wonderful day! Go check them out before they are gone.

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January Monthly Egg

Fresh on the heels of the holiday Season, a new egg has appeared in the Adoption Center! Be sure to stop by today and pick some up for yourself.

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Make A Wish

Start the new year off with a bang, and make a wish. Jirachi has made an appearance to close out the holiday season.

Jirachi is now available in the slot machine for two weeks.

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Advent Calendar Returns

It's December 1st, first day of Advent.

If you celebrate Advent, then you definitely know the concept of the Advent Calendar. Every day, one new thing gets uncovered. Some days are prizes, some are bonuses, and others tell a story.

Be sure to check back every day to see what unlocks!

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The "QOLfish" Update

A new update has just released to Virtuadopt, and it's a big one!

It's so big, you need to read the forum post to get see everything that's changed.

TL;DR Account Settings, Pokédex enhancements, Migrations, Game Corner returns!!1!

A Monster Unleashed

No matter how often you press the button, the machine isn't reacting anymore. The power seems to be gone. But the strange aura surrounding this place is still there. You touch the button once more, when you hear the voice, this time not whispering, but clearly from behind you: "Don't turn around. You aren't ready to see me yet. Thank you for freeing me from my prison. This deed won’t be forgotten. Don’t search for me. One day, I will find you and compensate you generously. Keep my children as yours. You are not like the others. With you, they are in good hands."

The aura vanishes, and you turn around and try to catch a glimpse of who or what has spoken to you, but at that moment you find yourself back in the forest, and the old facility is nowhere to be seen… You check on your adopts, and they seem way more calm now. It looks like the effect that the building had on them has worn off.

On your way home, you think about what just happened. It seems like no time has passed at all, yet you feel like you have been gone for weeks. Has all of this just been a dream? No! You have proof that it was real in the form of these strange new adopts you have gotten.

So what was it then? You can't figure it out. Or can you?

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Dr. Victor Day 151

We were blinded by our own hubris. We should have known better than to mess with the creator, who has found a way to loosen its shackles. Too late we noticed that whenever we used the machine, a part of its power escaped and corrupted the minds of my scientists further. And after the Jerry-incident, I have removed the button and hid it. The machine may never be used again, so that the creator would be bound to its prison for all eternity. We can’t risk that it breaks free and gets its revenge on us.

I’m sorry for the poor scientist who wanted to see their chosen creation coming to life, but it is too dangerous. Especially after what they have done already.

We will abandon this laboratory now. This is my last entry. May the name Dr. Victor never be forgotten.

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Dr. Victor Day 148

We thought, we could meddle with nature, creating our very own Pokémon. But we have awoken the wrath of a being older than time, in search for energy to power the PokéFuse with. An ancient being that doesn't want to get used. It's toying with our minds, showing us visions of distorted Pokémon bodies. We are plagued by twisted nightmares, and we aren't able to tell apart right or wrong anymore. Am I even writing this down, or is this just another vision haunting me?

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Dr. Victor Day 146

The monitors are doing weird stuff. At first, they flickered and turned on and off on their own, but now they are showing cryptic messages. “Free me!!!” is written all over the screens. When we rebooted the systems, everything was back to normal. Is this the work of our power source?

Dr. Victor Day 144

Some other scientist couldn’t wait and dropped his favorite couple into the chambers. This idiot put the same Pokémon in both chambers and hit the button without giving a second thought! And apparently, he didn’t do it just once! We locked the resulting eggs away so that no one would get to see the abominations he has created in his madness!

Dr. Victor Day 143

Our scientists came up with a lot of great test subjects for creating a new Pokémon. They still haven’t decided on which pair to put into the chambers, so we’ll give them another week to vote for their favorite couple: Fusion Poll Topic

Dr. Victor Day 137

One of our scientists accidentally (at least he said so) left a bag of candy in the second chamber of the PokéFuse. It shouldn’t have been possible to activate it with just one Pokémon, yet here we are with an egg that feels like… jelly. It smells sweet, but we forbade our scientists to eat it, as there is clearly something moving inside it. We are trying to repeat the same process a couple of times to see if the result is going to change.

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Dr. Victor Day 136

Now that we successfully created our first stable fusion, our scientists are overly ambitious to create fusions of their favorite Pokémon for themselves. But since the Daycare and several other trainers are now refusing to work with us, we can only pick one pair of Pokémon to create a fusion of. We have yet to decide which Pokémon we want to fuse together, and only the greatest minds are allowed to choose their favorite pair.

Dr. Victor Day 123

We’ve found a way. Yes, it might take longer for the results to be visible, but fusing two Pokémon into eggs helps with stabilizing their mental state.

Dr. Victor Day 115

A skilled trainer helped us out by catching the Pokémon that is going to solve our energy problems once and for all.

Our first fused Pokémon didn’t look amazing, but it breathed on its own for half an hour, before it seemingly got a panic attack and died in the arms of our scientists. Maybe not being used to having two minds in just one brain is a problem we should tackle before continuing our research.

Dr. Victor Day 26

We’re burning through test subjects way too fast. But whenever we press the button to fuse the two Pokémon in the test chambers, we are getting power problems and the process stops midway, leaving us with beings that are unable to live on their own. This has happened every single time so far, no matter how big or small the test Pokémon were. We need to find another source of power for this machine to behave the way we intended it to.

When you check on your adopts, you notice that they have become agitated. The strange aura surrounding this place must have gotten to them as well. Especially some Psychic individuals seem to react highly sensitive to this place.

Dr. Victor Day 3

It took us a whole day to clean the result tank. We don’t know where we made a mistake, nor how we can prevent it from happening again. But we can use the time it takes to deliver us two new test subjects, to look into the data once more.

A Strange Facility has Appeared

While taking a trip through the woods, you discovered a strange-looking facility. Its old walls seem to be partially perforated and through the cracks and holes emanates a gloomy aura which makes the building look like it is flickering.

Cautiously you move closer, and as you do, the door of the facility slams open. A surprised blink later, and you find yourself inside what looks like an abandoned laboratory. The uncomfortable feeling of getting watched is creeping up your spine, but as you turn around to leave, the door is gone. Instead, there are machines all around you. Monitors which had been dark before now spring to life. And all of them are showing the same message: “Free me!!!”

In the light of the screens you can see a tattered journal, next to a machine that has a big, round hole in it. You take the tattered journal in both hands and open it up.

Day 1:

My name is Dr. Victor, and I’m leading a small group of scientists. From our research in the Galar region, we found that there is a way to bring fossils back to life, even when it’s two halves of fossils that clearly don’t fit each other. This raised the question, if we could combine two living Pokémon into one.

Our scientists worked day and night for years, trying to create the machine called PokéFuse. And today, we are finally able to run our very first tests!

We have placed the two subjects in chamber #1 and #2 and are ready for testing. For our first tests, we are using a Pokémon that was rumored to be a human once.

Check back tomorrow for the next entry...

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Poor Meowth is Broke

It's no secret the grand reopening of the Daycare Center was, lets say, a little tough. Nobody was safe from the greedy Daycare. Poor Meowth here spent everything he had to try to get an egg.

Broke Meowth is now available as a click reward in the Click Exchange and through normal clicking. You may even be in for a surprise...

news article image
Daycare Center Open

The Daycare Center has officially opened for business! Leave your Virtuadopts with their certified professionals to grow strong and, maybe, leave you with a surprise.

news article image
September 2022 Egg

Monthly eggs have returned! In one week, these eggs will hatch. The higher you level them up, the more likely they are to be shiny. Head over to the Adoption Center to get yours today!

news article image
Johto Release, Finally!

Johto is here! Head over to the Adoption Center to pick up brand new eggs that may contain Pokémon from the Johto region. You can also find Raikou, Entei, and Suicune as prizes in the feeding system.

The Pokédex has been updated to select the National, Kanto, or Johto dex. The Mart is now selling new items. The GTS also received some updates, like sorting adoptables by dex.

The Daycare Center is still under construction, so you will need to wait a little bit longer for breeding.

news article image
2 Hot 2 Summer

A couple small changes have been made that we wanted to share with you.

First up, the Pokédex has received an upgrade. It now tracks what Pokémon you have obtained and remembers it, even if you no longer have that species.

Second, the Raffle will no longer allow you to purchase tickets when there is less than a minute left before the drawing. The prize pool has also been updated, so keep an eye out for some new prizes!

There is even more coming soon, so stay tuned!

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Trade with Friends

A highly anticipated feature has returned! The Global Trade Station has reopened and is ready to assist you with all your evolving and collecting needs. With this update, it is now possible to complete your Kanto Pokédex!

You can enter the GTS via the Explore map, or by using the navigation sidebar. There have been some small tweaks to made compared to the previous version, but much of it is still the same. For example, you are still limited to uploading 10 new trades per day. But, we have made some visual tweaks to how you upload and delete trades.

Your Profile has also been updated to include some new statistics. In addition to a counter for the total number of Raffle tickets purchased, four brand new stats have been added for trades and offers.

news article image
2ummer 2022

It was created by a scientist after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments.

Mewtwo makes its return to Virtuadopt, and so does a familiar game, with some shiny improvements...

news article image
Design Medal, Win Shiny Mew

A month after the relaunch, the adoptable migration process is in the final stages. You may recall that I previously said any adoptable that is migrated will have a special medal (like Promo, Custom, etc) that identifies it as such. I was thinking, why not have a contest where you can design that medal.

If your design is chosen, you will receive a shiny Mew! The contest ends in two weeks.

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Virtuadopt 2.0

Welcome to the new and improved Virtuadopt! Virtuadopt has gone back to where it all began, and only the basics are available. You can adopt new eggs, buy items in the Mart, and help each other raise their adoptables in the improved Click Exchange.

As begin this new journey, you may notice everything looks the same. And you are right, for the most part. To get things going on a new system as quickly as possible, the look of the site has been kept the same. However, there were multiple changes behind the scenes. Some of which include rarity and gender ratios in eggs. The Click Exchange is much faster. You can also select the exact number of items you wish to buy in the Mart.

These changes come at a cost, everyone is starting over from the beginning. Money, items, you name it, have all been purged. Your Virtuadopts are still alive and well in the old system, but you cannot view them at this time. More details are coming on how to transfer some of them to this new system and how many you can bring over.

We are also looking for feedback on ways we can improve the look of the site, as well as new features and old features you want to return. Please make your voice heard on the forum!

New Notifications Bronzong