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GTS Guide
Remember, the main language is English here!
Tips for Posting a New Trade:
- Please don't post a new thread for every single Pokémon you are offering or looking for.
Addthem to your current offers or existing threads instead.

- When a trade is successful, make sure to edit your thread or ask a mod to close it here to avoid any further offers.

- DO NOT push your thread. When your thread hits the second page, it's not necessary to push it back or make a new one. Many users are reading the second page and the following page too. If/When your offer sounds interesting enough, they'll eventually offer/trade with you.
Pushing and bumping threads and trades WILL lead to a warning.
- When posting a new trade, you should clearly state what you're looking for and what you are offering.

- Avoid Off-site Trades. They're not forbidden, but keep in mind that every user has a chance to trade with you. Be fair...

- Pokémon have different values. If you offer low-valued Pokémon on trades with high-valued Pokémon, it's very unlikely that the other user will accept your offer. Try to find trades where you can offer Pokémon of equal value.

- The value of a Pokémon may depend on the following criteria:

+ Number in existence
+ Retired/ Promo/ Legendary Pokemon
+ Shiny or Non-Shiny
+ Personal preferences

These are only a few suggestions. Value may depend on many different standards. Different Pokémon can have different values, although the amount may be the same.

Tips for Offering on a Trade:
- Please read the description carefully. If you have nothing to trade, nothing the user is looking for or nothing that may be of equal value, you should avoid offering or asking the user whether he'd trade for something else.

- Clearly state what you are offering. It's annoying to get offers like "I want your X, I trade everything from my Box Y." when that Box doesn't even contain the Pokémon wanted.

- In most cases the user doesn't need any other Pokémon but the ones he's looking for, so try not to offer your whole trade box without even looking at his description. Posts like that may be ignored in most cases.

- Try to be fair. Only offer Pokémon you would accept if you were the other user.

Some Things in General:
Try not to spam. Intense Spamming WILL lead to a warning.

Use the English language and only use Pokémon for trade purposes.

Uploading trades with no intention of trading or 'not being sure about it' are not allowed. Only upload lots and Pokémon you're willing to trade.
Repeated offences can lead to a board warning.

Do not offer the same Pokémon or Trade Box over and over again. This is mostly seen with the spamming note above.

You'll quickly lose your reputation and seriousness, causing users to avoid you and your trades in the future.