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GTS/Site Translator

Post by Atherem »

I don't know if this idea/suggestion, would help anyone; or if it was talked about before, but I want to suggest maybe a GTS/Site translator?

I, myself am from the USA and I find not being able to read other languages in GTS/Site kinds hard; especially if it's another language I don't understand nor even if google can translate at all. I myself would love something like this, just to at least help those who don't know other languages at all.

Without a translator, you have no idea what they want in GTS and if google doesn't translate it at all. You miss out on something you may want and you have that they want, but how do you know, if you can't even understand it, y'know?

I just wish something like this would be implemented in the future, since I know a ton of people would benefit from something like this.
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