Official Virtuadopt Rules (LAST EDITED: 2023-05-26)

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Official Virtuadopt Rules (LAST EDITED: 2023-05-26)

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Please read all rules before posting. Being new or not knowing the rules is not an excuse for breaking them.

These rules apply to the entire website. Breaking some of these is generally considered very serious and can result in a permanent ban on the first offense depending on how serious it is.

1. No lewd/offensive Virtuadopt names. All Virtuadopt names must be appropriate for all ages. Using Virtuadopts to voice displeasure with events, staff, and other members are also prohibited. Everyone is here to have fun.

2. No hacking/cheating. Any sort of hacking or cheating on the website will immediately result in a permanent ban. This includes, but is not limited to, manipulating requests, modifying code, injecting custom code, viewing code, and anything creating an unfair advantage over other players.

3. Do not use automated click exchanges, bots, or any other ways to cheat with clicking. As of right now, the only manual click exchange allowed is Yarolds.

4. No using proxies or variable IPs. This could be abused to bypass the once-per-day limit.

5. No attempting to get around the egg limit or other protections. This includes things like logging out and then adding eggs to your account later or other abuses.

6. One account per person and one person per account. Do not make multiple accounts and do not ask other people to play on your account. This is often punished by a ban. You also may not ask someone to make an account solely for your benefit if they do not plan on playing the game or make a new account if your old one is banned. If you are using the same computer as someone, post in the Shared IP Thread, but make note of the rule below.

7. No trading or otherwise exchanging Virtuadopts with anyone who shares your IP. This is to prevent abuses of people making an account claiming it is their brother/friend and using that account to gain more Virtuadopts. If you share once with a friend you do not have to abide by this rule, but if you consistently share an IP more than half the time, neither account may give any Virtuadopts, items, or other currency to the other account. If you want to clarify if you are allowed or not please PM an administrator.

8. If you discover a bug, do not abuse it. Bugs happen sometimes. If you happen to discover something that shouldn't happen during normal gameplay (ex getting extra promos when you are only allowed one, bypassing the egg limit, etc) do not take advantage of these bugs. Report it to a staff member immediately. For non-critical bugs, please report it in the Bugs forum

9. No harassing other users. If someone asks you to leave them alone, do it. Don't stalk people, be creepy, or otherwise make anyone feel uncomfortable. This is a kid-friendly site and everyone should feel safe here.

You will receive a warning each time you break one of these rules. If you receive 3 warnings, you will be banned, possibly permanently, depending on the severity of your violations. Note that you may receive a verbal warning instead of a formal warning, in which case you should watch yourself so you don't get a full warning. If you are temporarily banned and come back, you are placed on probation, which means if you continue to break the rules you will be banned permanently. You will not receive a third chance after being banned.

1. No swearing or flaming/insulting other users or making inappropriate posts. Self-explanatory, don't be rude to other users or make posts that are inappropriate for young users.

2. No spamming. This includes flooding, including way too many smileys, making one word posts such as "lol" or "xD," or other forms of spam. Similarly, don't make topics very similar to existing ones or that do not generate much discussion, and use the search function if you have a question. You also should not make non-substantial posts that make it clear you are just trying to win the posting promo, or you may be banned from winning one.

3. No bumping topics. If your topic is older than 30 days or no one else has posted in it since your last post, you may not post to bump it.

4. No click begging. Do not ask people to click your Virtuadopts unless it is the "Official Click My Virtuadopts Thread" which even then has rules. This includes asking for reclicks if someone clicked you, or asking people to click in exchange for other Virtuadopts. You also may not include Virtuadopts in your post for the sole purpose of getting people to click.

5. No mini-modding. Mini-modding means replying to a thread to tell a user they have broken the rules or otherwise attempting to speak for the staff. If you see something breaking the rules, use the report button or PM a mod/admin, do not make more spam for the mods to clean up.

6. Post only in English outside the regional corner. This includes in places like GTS descriptions.

7. No plagiarism. Do not take any art or other creative works and claim them as your own. This will result in a permanent ban.

8. No exclusive clans. You may not make clans that exclude anyone from joining or that are invite-only. You may, however, require that an entry form be posted before any other posts are made.

9. No public complaints about the staff. If you have a problem with what a staff member is doing, talk to them privately or if that doesn't work talk to someone above them (administrator). Do not make public threads or posts complaining.

10. Report responsibly. Don't report things that are not actually breaking the rules. It just wastes our time and yours.

11. Keep your signature within the limits. The maximum signature is 300px tall. Anything larger will not display properly and will automatically be cut off.

12. Keep topics in the proper section. For example, "General Discussion" is only for Virtuadopt discussion. Topics not having to do with Virtuadopt or for asking small questions go in other sections. If you don't know where a topic should go, ask a mod.

13. No posts for the sole purpose of advertising. This means things like making a thread saying "HEY COME CHECK OUT MY NEW SITE" or something. You may link to other websites if it is pertinent to the topic and you may advertise whatever you want in your signature (as long as it is appropriate and not malware), but keep them out of posts. If your case is borderline and you're not sure, PM a moderator and ask if it's okay.

C. GTS Rules
These rules have to do with the GTS section of the forums and the GTS on the main site. The punishment for breaking these rules is generally similar to those for breaking the forum rules.

1. Respect your trade partners.

2. No backing out of promised trades that require effort for the other person to gather. For example, if you ask someone for 100 Everstones in exchange for a Clefairy, you cannot wait for them to gather the Everstones and then change your mind and decide not to trade them the Clefairy. Once conditions are agreed on they must be met by both parties.

3. No posting trade lots with no intention of trading. You must be 100% sure you are willing to trade whatever you put up. Anything else will be considered bragging and will be removed.

4. No requiring trade splits or PMing in order to trade. Any lot posted in the GTS must be able to be offered on and traded away as-is. You may not require splitting or additional contact in order for a trade to be made.

5. No attempting to surpass the trade limit. This includes bumping trades (deleting a trade and then immediately re-posting it to push it higher in the listing) or otherwise trying to make your trades more visible.

6. No tricking/scamming other users. Especially new users who may not know the value yet. Do not offer ridiculously low on high-value trade lots or otherwise try to convince people to trade for much less than their lot is worth.

7. Virtuadopt currency may be traded for Virtuadopt currency only. Do not ask for things like KT, real money, or other site currency in exchange for anything on Virtuadopt.

8. Do not abuse the report button. Only report things that are actually breaking the rules.

9. Don't pressure people to trade with you. If they say no, that means no. Respect that. If someone has made it clear they do not want to make a trade do not pester them to accept your offer. Similarly, if someone says no PMs about a specific lot, do not PM them about it.

10. If a VA is not explicitly stated as up for trade, you may not ask the owner to trade it. Up for trade can be if the user posts it as up for trade in the GTS forum or uploads a lot with it. If the user has not done one of these, you may not ask if he/she is willing to trade it, make offers on it, hint that you would like it, or anything else.

11. GTS descriptions should only be in English. The site uses the English language to create a common interface for communication. GTS descriptions have to be in English as well, as to not alienate any users.

These rules may be updated or changed as needed so be sure to check back often. If you have any questions feel free to PM myself or another staff member.