We Want Your Feedback!

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We Want Your Feedback!

Post by yankeesrule3526 »

As many of you know, this version of Virtuadopt turned 10 this year. It's also no secret that site activity has decreased due to lack of updates, partially due to the outdated code. We are considering doing a total overhaul of the site. This would mean a new back-end infrastructure, possibly a new front-end look, and new mechanics.

Is an overhaul something you would like to see? What don't you like about the current mechanics? What would you like to see? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by blue4nic »

I would like to have a clearer menu in order to reach all contents of the site faster.

At the moment the "where to go" menu disappears when you click a Pokemon. To see your own Pokemons, you sometimes have to go via "explore" and then click on "feed Pokemon" in the "Pokemon Center". You can also get to the Pokemon via the avatar, but there is a longer load time, which is why I go the route "explore".

Regarding GTS.

If I want to search for a Pokemon, both "Search for Pokemon" and "Search for Promo" lists are too long. Maybe it makes sense to narrow the scope of "Search for Pokemon" by region. Many are doubling on "Search for Promo". For example, there are five times Advent Santa Lucario. That's because of the five different colors. Could one not lead these under a search word? Because right now you can not tell a difference.

The Shiny search function, I find this pointless. If this targeted promo is not offered, the shiny search function does not help. Rather, I could imagine that from all Promos Shiny appear, that would make more sense. Because many a user searches specifically for shinies.

Regarding Pokedex.

It still lacks the mega forms and the alolan forms. Even the special dex is not complete yet. Here I miss the Incognito dex, why was it taken out again? With "Collection" you could reduce the loading time if it were sorted by region. My idea would be to click on Collection and then select a region, for example Kanto, and get it displayed instead of all at once. In addition, you could also set up a special Shiny dex, which shows me my shinies.

I think a small renewal can not hurt.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by FairyPrincessCynthia »

The breeding system

The breeding system needs an overhaul. Due to the way Virtuadopt has opted to code its breeding system, many Pokemon are unable to be bred are are only obtainable through random chance. This includes genderless Pokemon like Magnemite, male-only Pokemon like Rufflet, and "evolved" Pokemon like Lucario. Here's a checklist of what I'd like to see in terms of changes:

> Ditto becomes breedable with everything it is capable of breeding with in the games, but at the "Virtuadopt Different Species Breeding" odds reduction for obtaining eggs.
> Baby Pokemon can evolve into their later stages through basic level up and/or inclusion of a Soothe Bell/TM00, depending on the species.
> Breeding Pokemon with an option to require an item to get their baby version and no item to get their normal version: Mantine > Mantkye versus Mantine > Mantine, depending on the inclusion of the item.
> Baby Pokemon hatch from random eggs instead of their "evolved" forms. So you hatch Pichus instead of Pikachus.
> Alolan/Galarian Pokemon being able to be bred using an Everstone.

The whole purpose is to bring everything as close to parity with the source mechanics from the games as possible.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Shion »

good things:
- the option of get a pn when you have an egg
- alola and mega-quest parallel to solve
- old promos in raffle and upper limit for tickets

I have some ideas for improvement:
- I think it would be cool, if the region is listed in the view / edit so you can sort better
- Maybe a history of what you have bred as often
- if you click a VA from a box, a way with the arrow key or so in the click to jump to the next VA without having to return to the box
- One way to retrieve Congratz later with a kind of history, so you don't miss a congratz
- Automatically debit money in the daycare or you enter an certain amount and it is automatically increased (of course with choice whether you want it or not)
- an overview of what regular Shinies you had so far, as it was by premium
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Yasha »

(I just noticed that while writing this post, some things have been mentioned already. So be it, I am not going to rewrite :3)

First of all: I still greatly enjoy playing on VA; otherwise, I would not be here anymore at all. BUT you are right, the site is not really up to date anymore, and some things really need improvement. All criticism is meant to be constructive  While writing, I had the feeling that I stumbled from one improvement-worthy point to the next…
You mentioned the decreased activity of players due to lack of updates, but I think this is only a part of the problem: VA has a lot to do, especially for new players. But here lies the problem: new players usually do not stay very long. I think this has one reason: the overall confusing layout. Since it has been almost ten years since I registered, too, I am not sure how this is done today, but I do not think new players receive a welcome message via PM in which things are explained? Now let us list the features new players might be interested in… first would be adoption, it is a click site after all. The adopt button is clearly visible, so no problem here. The explore button is also easy to find, but here starts one of the problems:
the little map of the different site locations is pretty neat, but my first instinct would be to click on the links to the left, and there are two locations missing: the Starter Corner (which would be REALLY interesting for new players) and the laboratory (which is usually more „late game content“, but still not as easy to access as the rest). So two locations that are easily overlooked. Next is the „Pokémon Center“. It is logical, though not as clear as it could be, that you can manage your boxes here, which includes nicknaming your Pokémon and so on. What is not so clear is that you can manage items via „View / Edit Pokémon“, and that you can change things like the site header (by answering what is your favourite region without any explanation what effect this has!) or how you want your personal stats to be displayed. And what does „Add/Remove Pokémon to the system“ even mean (when you are new)? I think that the items should have an own little page for their own, a „bag“ or „pouch“ of sorts. There are all your items displayed (it would also be neat to be able to SELL them again, maybe for half of the prize), and if you click on the item, maybe there is a little list of which Pokémon you may apply the item to? An example: if you click on a fire stone, a page opens and all Pokémon, which need it to evolve, will be displayed. I know that there is an FAQ page for this, but… it is SO EASY to overlook that it is not funny anymore. And outdated. There is a question „Why is Pokémon X/the special form of Y not available yet?“ answered there… additionally, many people are not interested in the social aspect of the forum at all (*cough* me at first *cough*), and might be turned off by having to look through it. Some questions might even sound confusing to new players! And why does the FAQ on the site not have the same questions/answers as the forum? That new players (and old ones, too) do not really use the FAQ or browse through old questions in the „Help section“ can be seen on the amount of similar questions in there (I am especially thinking about the new, AWESOME, Daycare update and how people ask why they have not received an egg at 100%). I myself asked questions there and later remembered where I can look it up, and it was such a small tidbit that I am sure there is no mentioning in the FAQ at all. And why is the „Main page“ not always up to date, sometimes there are only mentions of an event in the forum? I guess my main point here is that the site is incredibly complicated to navigate, especially for new players. But how to fix this? (I thought I had made a topic about this in suggestions before, but I cannot really find it right now, so let us explain anew): How about a quest system for new players? If you start the game, you get simple tasks like „Click 10 Virtuadopts“, „Hatch an egg“, „Evolve a Virtuadopt“ and so on, with the tasks getting more complicated every time and slowly introducing all the features of VA, with little prizes for completing the task like money, items or specific eggs (for example Pikachu, Eevee or other user-favourites, or even your own favourite Pokémon, which you get asked for sometimes during the quests). And if you completed this quest series, you get a special Promo. That way new users get taken by the hand and guided through the game while having little experiences of success. The fun thing is that you can use such a quest system for seasonal events, too. We already had events where you need to click a certain amount of VAs and then receive a special Promo. This could be easily implemented as a quest instead.
Another, well, not issue, but maybe draw-back if you compare VA to other click-based Pokémon sites, is that it is incredibly slow going, and you need to put in a lot of work (and/or time) to even hatch a single egg. People are used to fast success while playing games; slow and steady is just not that attractive for many people. Personally, I both enjoy and hate this about VA. An example: hatching a Shiny is HUGE here on VA, it is rare and you are incredibly glad about it. If I hatch a new Shiny (that I like and want to keep), I usually look at it a few times that day while smiling, just to see how nice it looks in my Shiny box. At another, more fast-going Pokémon-based click site, I hatched more Shinys in one year that I did in ten years of VA. It has the effect that I do not care as much for Shinies on that site, but… again, people this days (got, I sound old) are used, or at least search for, fast success, especially in their free time. Many do not have that much free time at all, ruling VA out as a hobby from the beginning.
That brings me to my next point besides making VA more attractive for beginners, and that is… make VA more attractive for the working population. When I registered on VA, I was sixteen-ish, still going to school, with a lot of free time and a friend who shared a similar interest. I frequented other sites like DragCave and Neopets, and had overall not a care in the world besides my next written exam. Now I’m 26, have a regular work day plus three hours commuting a day, and I simply do not have TIME to be as active anymore. And looking at how long some other veteran players are registered here, my guess is that a lot of players are at this age or older (I also don’t remember seeing any kids playing Pokémon GO, I think there was a definitive change of the audience). At the aforementioned fast-going Pokémon site, I do not need to make any effort to hatch six Pokémon a day. At VA, I need to click around 30 minutes give or take to have the same effect. And the money I earn does not even cover the cost for the Daycare a day, let alone other games like the lottery. Now, I could probably click on my mobile phone while commuting to get a little money, but… well, recently the size of the clicked Adopt page was increased, but not the size of the CE as a whole. So clicking will alter between these three pictures, from which two are way to small (yes, this could be an issue with my small-screened phone, but still…). So, to play getting a minimum of improvement, I usually put in 60-90 minutes of clicking. A day. Even a workday. You see my problem?
Also, double-money Tuesday is pretty neat. But why does it have to be a Tuesday? In the last three years that was always the day I had to work the longest, sometimes getting home at 8 pm or later (that was personal bad luck). But the point still stands that for a working member of society, this is an awfully chosen day. My guess is that it was to improve activity under the week… so why not make two double-money days? Maybe triple the money on Tuesdays, and double it at some weekend day? And, please please send the promo code to a Congratz via PM. Maybe the code can expire after some time to discourage cheat bots, but clicking on the phone is a hassle as it is, without having to worry about Congratzes.
You also mentioned a „lack of updates“. While new content is always nice, I think seasonally reoccurring content is just as fine. Like the ice cream event. I remember the breeding quests for specific promos like the Cookie Mantyke. Maybe we can choose specific seasonal Promos to be breedable, and they will reoccur at specific month for years to come. That way you have new-ish content, and maybe not as much coding work, since it is reoccurring. Anyway, making old Promos accessible with the Raffle was definitely a step in the right direction. Maybe we can have these breeding quests also with old Monthlies?
I think, that is all for now. It is enough as it is. Please keep working on VA, the reason I am still here despite having not much time (I am only online all the time because I have a tab open in the background, but not actually playing ^^‘) is because I really enjoy the game.

PS: from the comments above me:
- about the Megas, Alolans and Unowns missing Dex entries: Yes, please.
- about Ditto being able to breed with reduced chances: Also, yes, please.
- evolution of babies: maybe
- babies from random eggs: no
- breeding Alolans: no, otherwise their value would diminish. I like the way it is right now
- breeding history: not something I’m interested in, but I’m also not opposed
- Shion: „if you click a VA from a box, a way with the arrow key or so in the click to jump to the next VA without having to return to the box“ OMG YES PLEASE!
- automatic deposit of money in Daycare: Yes, please
- shiny history: Yes, please
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Aruna »

everything I had on my mind was already mentioned I guess. but one thing bothers me alot: the daycare. I am a working person and also have not so much time to click here, also I do what I can ^^' but there are pokémon that take forever to lay an egg, even when I have a few hours to click on one day (maybe I have such a day once every two weeks), it seems that no matter how much I click, the bar doesn't move forward at all...and that sucks. and if I have to breed 4 pokémon to get an alolan egg, that is almost impossible for me to do.
and one other thing is that sometimes the bar is at 100% for a whole day until I get my egg...I don't understand that ^^'
overall I love VA, still, but yeah, for working people it can be very frustrating sometimes I guess and some little upgrades would be great.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Luna08 »

i have been on this site for years and it is all the same and needs to be overhaul bad. it needs new everything
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Pokemon Knight »

Making the site more mobile friendly would be a big improvement
Especially when trying to move adopts between boxes. You should be able to click the adopts you want to move and choose a box instead of the drag and drop feature.
Also clicks should be easier on mobile. The feed buttons should be bigger and easier to click
Another cool feature is to let us customize our Pokémon by adding items that are for customizing instead of adding evolution items to decorate them
Another cool feature is adding moves and natures. I’m not saying there needs to be a battle system just a way to differentiate our Pokémon
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by KitsuLeif »

I've already opened a thread on this in the Ideas & Suggestions section earlier this year, but I will post it here again:
Maybe you know the problem:
You adopt new eggs, give them enough credits to hatch them (around 45-75 per egg), you go to bed or afk for a few hours... and some of the eggs have hatched and your newly random Pokémon have used up 14 credits or so that you didn't want them to use. You just wanted them to hatch, but you can't check in every few minutes to look after them.
And then there are some eggs that have 9k steps and still haven't hatched. So you have to adjust the credits, give them more and watch out again that they don't use up unwanted credits, when they have hatched.

Can we get a function that removes credits from hatched eggs automatically after they have hatched? So that they're restored to your available credits? That would fix a couple of problems:
- You could give your eggs 100 credits and ensure that they will hatch
- You could leave those eggs alone for a while without having to look after them every couple of minutes
- You wouldn't lose credits due to your inactivity for a few hours (like I said, I put credits on my eggs over night, to adopt a new batch at morning)

This could be either a setting in the Control Panel as a global option, or a setting that you could switch on/off for each egg you put in there in case you have some eggs you want to train right after they're hatched.

This could be done for monthly eggs and evolutions as well.

This would be a great improvement and at the moment it is my only suggestion, because I don't really miss anything else and I'm completely out of other ideas.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Akemie »

One of the biggest things I am really looking forward to is: Give the Congratz-Code through PM so you won't miss any congratz due to too fast clicking or a PC which shuts down right after getting a congratz >w<°

also, I would love to see the chances of congratz' (and maybe shinies) rise a little bit. If you click 20k adopts without a single congratz it is very discouraging.

I would love to see more events. I used to love the arcade games and these events like the christmas present or easter eggs collecting with a chance to get a Promo (and shiny promo) ♥

Last thing: Make items/PD tradeable.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by PokeTrade »

I haven't read the other suggestions yet, so sorry if some were already mentioned.

VA is generally a clicking game. So, I would make the clicking more special.

Attracting new players
- Introduce a tutorial. You know when you sign up for a website and get of those overlays that point to menu's and such? That's what I mean.
- Award some CE credits/money/items for completing some simple steps in this tutorial. Like adopt your first egg awards enough CE credits to hatch it.

Evolving special dex Pokémon
Why can't special dex Pokémon evolve? Sometimes a promo gets awarded and there's tons in circulation. If you make it able to evolve, full dex collectors would need all evolution stages.

New mechanics:
Introduce abilities
These could be offer benefits, like:
- Leveling faster
- Hatching your eggs faster (Flame Body => Eggs in a box next to this Pokémon, hatch twice as fast)
- Awarding more money
- Combine it with the weather, this Pokémon earns twice as fast levels when it's raining

Allow players to have a party
- Abilities are only active when the Pokémon is in a user's party
- The abilities in a user's party are active when clicking other user's Pokémon.

Introduce HP & status conditions
Together with the ablities, I would introduce HP & status conditions

- If your Pokémon get's clicked by a user that has a poison giving Pokémon in it's party, there's a small chance your Pokémon might get poisoned. If it's poisoned, it loses some HP for every click. No more HP? No more leveling up possible.
- You can heal your Pokémon in the Pokémon Center
-- By introducing the Pokémon Center, you can also award Pokérus. If a Pokémon has Pokérus it permanently gains double points (or for a long time at least)?
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Yasha »

PokeTrade wrote: September 30th, 2019, 5:34 pmNew mechanics:
Introduce abilities
These could be offer benefits, like:
- Leveling faster
- Hatching your eggs faster (Flame Body => Eggs in a box next to this Pokémon, hatch twice as fast)
- Awarding more money
- Combine it with the weather, this Pokémon earns twice as fast levels when it's raining

Allow players to have a party
- Abilities are only active when the Pokémon is in a user's party
- The abilities in a user's party are active when clicking other user's Pokémon.

Introduce HP & status conditions
Together with the ablities, I would introduce HP & status conditions

- If your Pokémon get's clicked by a user that has a poison giving Pokémon in it's party, there's a small chance your Pokémon might get poisoned. If it's poisoned, it loses some HP for every click. No more HP? No more leveling up possible.
- You can heal your Pokémon in the Pokémon Center
-- By introducing the Pokémon Center, you can also award Pokérus. If a Pokémon has Pokérus it permanently gains double points (or for a long time at least)?
This is an awesome idea! Maybe the Adopts you put in your party get leveled, too, when you click other Pokemon. Kinda like Exp. Share in the games. Maybe this could be a special item that gets rewarded after a longer quest series? Otherwise, only the first Adopt of your party gets level. And you can put eggs in your party, too, but then you miss out on having special abilities like Flame Body. (And of course the ratio should not be "1 click for other user = 1 click for me", that is a bit too easy. Maybe one level every 5 or 6 clicks? And on holidays this gets pushed a bit higher?).
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Sabbo »

i'am happy to be still on here after so many years. overhaul sounds interesting, looking forward to it.

I got some minor things for improvement, sorry if someone already posted them:

-notification-option for tradeoffers/accepted tradeoffers/rejected tradeoffers

-trading complete boxes or lots without having to choose every single pokemon for upload in GTS

-congratz-notification, like a mail with the code

-trading option for credits, like trading credits for pokemon with other users or maybe a trade-in like trading point where you can get items or pokemon for credits

- editing pokemon in boxes have to be more comfortable. every time i edit a single pokemon in box 2, the system switches back to the first box, so i need to use the back-button in my browser after clicking the edit button to avoid it. i would like to have an option for editing a box instead of view/edit a single pokemon.

so far, kudos you still run the site and come up with plans for it after such a long time^^.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by 49ER »

Overhauling the site, without a commitment to offering more events/promos will not entice people to come back to the site. I hope that if there are changes made, that commitment to have more events is also done. There were a lot of changes made to the site a year ago, but since then, other than the ice creams (which were mainly the old ones), there has not been a lot done. No HW event last year, no Christmas event, no Spring/Easter event. We are well into Fall now, shouldn't the raffle prizes be changed to HW promos, such as Vampoochy? Also the lottery prize hasn't been changed in a year.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Tango »

+1 for Introductory Tutorials that give little rewards for step completions, and generally anything that helps newcomers figure out the basics and gives them a helping hand to start. Better mobile view would go a long way methinks.

+1 for Better/Quicker Navigation around and between the Adopt & Forum areas.

+1 for better navigation when viewing an adoptable. The nex/prev button to cycle through adopts in the same box, and perhaps when you exit the viewing of the adopt you are brought back to the box that you were in instead of always being brought to box 1.

+1 to keeping the Dexes more promptly up-to-date and perhaps a restructuring of how the 'Collection' and 'Special Dex' pages are organized. It can be frustrating to play Where's Waldo every time I'm trying to find a specific special promo. Being able to search them by name instead of icon would be of huge help.

+1 to adding/removing some stuff to the GTS search. I too find the selection list to be rather large, and unnecessarily so from the user's perspective. It would be far more convenient to instead have a single search where you could type in the name of the species you want, and then have a checkbox to include (or exclude) promos or shinies. So long as the GTS isn't bloated with multi-year old trades the results shouldn't be too overwhelmingly populated. That being said, an automatic time-out for GTS trades could be something to help keep clutter down and leave users more sure of what trades are still 'active'.

+1 to notifications when someone offers on/accepts your trade. Or an option in your profile to turn such a thing on/off.

+1 to being able to choose an entire box for trading.

+1 to making items and credits tradeable on the GTS. It is a bit nerve wracking to be putting up a good chuck of credits onto a random adopt and just hoping the CE isn't too active to whittle them down before your trade partner accepts cause you're on a different continent. And it's not ideal to be rooting against VA activity.

+1 to making male-only & genderless adopts breedable, and if Ditto's compatibility is expanded the lowered egg chance seems fair. Though I rather like the limited selection of Ditto's partners as it encourages trading between users for starters and such. Anything that removes interactivity seems a step away from what makes VA enjoyable.

+1 to babies being able to evolve, and just in general to the babies acting like they do in the games. As in, if you try to breed snorlax you'll keep getting snorlax unless you have the appropriate incense attached. If adding more items to the mart is a concern, maybe have a quest of some sort unlock incenses that can be applied in the Daycare area. Perhaps more use for the neglected puzzles area? Acts like the keystone where it isn't in your inventory or anything, but becomes a selectable aroma in Daycare once unlocked.

+1 to the option of auto-removing all credits from an egg that's hatched.

+1 to keeping Alolan/Galaran forms only obtainable via special means (non-breedable).

+1 to having aesthetic items/dressing of adoptables instead of using existing mart held-items.

+1 to receiving a PM with the secret code from an adoptable Congrats Prize, or just have them appear in Box 1 automatically. Whichever is easiest/preferred as either is better than losing your congrats.

+1 to reconsidering special weekday events. Tuesdays are also the worst day of the week for me I find too. I am always busiest on Tuesday compared to any other day of the week as that just seems to be how work is lined up.

+1 to reoccurring seasonal events. The systems are already in place, so it shouldn't be too hard to plop in a new adopt or two (or have a cycle of older ones like the raffle) and have an easy event active for holidays'n such. Planning for re-usability in future years could really go a long way in keeping the place happening with little effort.

As an additional suggestion, a while ago someone proposed the idea of adding a 'Shiny Star' to the top left (or right) of an adoptable that would differentiate a shiny from their regular counterpart. Since there is plenty of shiny art that is challenging to spot visually.

(-1) to babies from random eggs.

(-1) to making money transferable.

(-1) to the idea of increasing Congrats chances or setting a guaranteed limit if you haven't had one in X-# of clicks. Yeah it sucks to not get a congrats in months (I'm currently there), or after 25,000+ clicks (have been there too), but it's balanced against those random lucky spurts where you get multiple in a day or over a few days. Though, more congrats prize options now that scents are gone would be great, as it feels very empty now without them.

(-1) to the addition of natures/IV/EV/moves/things-of-this-nature. At best, maybe a customizable text area that lets people write personal blurbs for an adopt if they want some way to personalize the view/edit dex entry. No one else can see it so it feels less purposeful than the aesthetic items idea.

Regarding the Party/Abilities/HP/Status ideas...

On one hand I'm on board for adding a little bit of complexity, but I'm also a fan of VA filling the 'gallery' role. The abilities as suggested seem interesting and fun, but the rest I'm not too keen on. The idea of HP seems like the worse version of keeping up with Daycare -- and there are already complaints about that. Coming back over a holiday and finding out nothing I put credits on progressed cause someone clicking put a status effect on would be the worst. Don't stunt progression.

I don't imagine that if this party system was put in that players who, say, love poison types, would make an extended effort not to be harmful to their fellow players by changing out their party every time they were going around clicking. Unless this whole thing was separate from standard clicking it would make the entirety of VA survival of the fittest. You would be harmed by other people just enjoying VA versus the current thing of interaction between users playing only ever being a good and helpful thing.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Ecco »

I just love the simplicity here some little adjustments i agree from the previous posters in my opinion it dont have to be faster more graphics or whatever..
Blame my age i guess.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Cyrrior »

I kind of like the idea of leveling up being a bit more complex, but I also have to agree that I wouldn't want it to be too complicated.
I'm not a big fan of the status conditions-stuff. I think that would make it actually more annoying than fun. And I guess passing a poisoned status to other players would be used to bug others. So that isn't something I'd like to see here.
Yasha wrote: September 29th, 2019, 11:06 pm Also, double-money Tuesday is pretty neat. But why does it have to be a Tuesday? In the last three years that was always the day I had to work the longest, sometimes getting home at 8 pm or later (that was personal bad luck). But the point still stands that for a working member of society, this is an awfully chosen day. My guess is that it was to improve activity under the week… so why not make two double-money days? Maybe triple the money on Tuesdays, and double it at some weekend day?
But wouldn't triple-money tuesday basicaly be the same? You'd still have people who don't have time to click on tuesdays so they'd be at a disadvantage.
I'm not sure if I already suggested this a long time ago, but why not simply let everbody choose when they want their money to be doubled? Once a week you can activate an "double money" option that lasts for one day. That way you could use it whenever it suits you the most :)

Some other ideas:

I think maybe the whole promo situation should be overhauled somehow? I'm not sure how exactly, but I just feel like there are some promos that are nearly impossible to get, which is annoying especially for new users while others are being rereleased in a massive way lowering the overall value for those who had to work really hard to get them back then. Of course it's pretty difficult to get rid of both problems, since they are kind of connected but I still feel that there might be some kind of solution for this.
I guess that was why that "2nd" promo star was intruduced, but I don't feel like it makes much of a difference and I'm not even sure if all rereleased promos even got it?
Maybe there could be some kind of variants to promos. New promos have a different color than rereleased ones, while still filling up the same spot in the dex? I don't know ... does anybody else have a solution?

Speaking of promos/special activities: I really like when there is some kind of announcement when something new is going to happen. Every now and then there is something new and cool happening on VA and it takes me forever to notice it, even if I'm using the site at that time. (For example: There might be new monthly eggs but you just miss the forum thread and since you aren't adopting anything at that moment it takes you several days to notice them)
So, more announcements beforehand that are clearly visible when using VA would be pretty cool! :)

Also, since I don't know how the whole backend works here I'm not sure if this is really something useful, but I get the feeling that it is kind of difficult to add new stuff to VA? And I'm not talking about new funcionalities or something like that, more like updated artworks, some more mega evolutions, clicking promos and stuff like that. All of that stuff that probably doesn't need an entirely new code but just some kind of adjusted old one. Maybe if there was an easy way to add stuff like that for team members that aren't into coding that would help keep the site more active.
Of course that doesn't mean that I want every team member to randomly add stuff when they feel like it, just some kind of divison of work to make it a little bit less time consuming for yankees. But then again, I don't know how all of that works at the moment, so I don't know if it makes any sense? XD
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Akemie »

I wished there would be a way to breed monthlies (and Promos?). On other pokemon clicking sites it is possible.

I also like the idea of creating a chain of a specific pokemon to increase the shiny chance. Alolas wouldn't count to it but lab eggs and dcc eggs would.
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by Unoriginal »

K so I've got alot of feed back
- Make trading easier
- Make interacting easier
- Updates for new promos every month
- Make the game not so server dependent
- Galgar regoin
- new art ( the art could be better )
- Make it easier to move about the website
- The color for the forum should be changed to white or made custom to each user
- SHOW the amount of steps needed to hatch an egg
- More originallity

That is all. Thank you for your time
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Re: We Want Your Feedback!

Post by AcryliCat UwU »

Overhaul of the site? First of all, yes. Just yes.

As far as suggestions, I've spent a lot of time talking about and sharing some of mine already, but I will be so happy to just vomit all my ideas here. I will try to organize this as much as possible, and to avoid this becoming an absolutely massive wall of text, I'll be sure to bunch explanations up in spoilers.

So for a quick overview of my basic/fundamental ideas, I'll list them with some bullet points.

• More interaction between users/PvP
• Currency and how to make it better/easier to obtain
• Items
• Better trading system
• Better box/storage system
• Monthly events
• More fun/fulfilling minigames
• Trading Point
• Congrats
• Lottery
• Raffle
• Daycare/breeding

Okay, now it's time to break this down.

User interaction and PvP

Sometimes it's difficult to be here simply because it's very lonely. There's not much of any way to talk to or interact with other users outside of PM, and those are clunky and just a pain to use as a method of carrying out a casual conversation.
I suggest implimenting a quickchat that hangs out at the bottom of the page where people can talk and get to know each other no matter where they are on site.

To expand on the idea of PvP (Player vs Player), we'll have to understand first that anything too over the top or complex is NOT going to work. Virtuadopt is simple, and it's nice that way, but currently it's 'simple' is more like 'boring'. To change that, we don't need to go complex.

My ideas for PvP is to have a button on a user's profile labelled something along the lines of 'Battle [this user]'.

Pressing this button on a user's profile could simply be a roll of the dice;
"You battled hard with [USER], and your trust in your Pokemon has payed off! You won +200 pokecoins"
"You battled hard against [USER], but you lost... Perhaps your Pokemon just need more training."

Of course, training or Pokemon levels should have nothing to do with this. Make this interaction available hourly, and boom, you've got something for users to come back online for, and have a reason to keep them clicking.

Make pokecoins easier to obtain. That's your first step. I completely understand that older users have WAY more coin than what they know to do with, and that's because there is currently nothing to do with it. We'll get to that later.

Currency, as it is now, is incredibly difficult to stack up. It can't be traded between users, and it's boring to grind for. Make the average amount of coins from one click 5-8 and the coin on double money day it can be 9-14.

Allow items to be sold in the shop. (Get to items later)

Allow users to trade/gift currency.

Implement a real-money 'special' currency. Instead of pokecoins it can be pokecash. $10 USD = 20-25 Pokecash
This can be an alternative to Premium VA.
Have a check-in/rollover system where if a user visits for x amount of days in a row, they can win some of the special currency along with other items along the way.

Pokecash can be used to buy old monthy promos(not dex), perhaps just in the form of a 'Mysterious egg', which hatches into a random promo.
Special items, high stakes raffle tickets, or it can be dispersed/traded between users however they like.


Items should not be as hard to obtain for newer users as they are. The items for completing the dex are so boring to get, it's not worth it for new people to try.
Making money easier to get is the first step to fixing this problem, now add to our roster of items, lower the price of common stones/evolution items, and make it possible to sell items back to the shop(for a price lower than it's shop listing, of course.

Items should be obtainable through a check-in/rollover streak, or should be obtainable through Congratz.

New items to be implimented should be very desireble and expensive, but they should be worth working for. These should also have a possibility of being won throu Congrats, but with a lower likelyhood.
• Item that fills your daycare bar to 100% for 24 hours
• Item that changes the sex of a selected Pokemon
• Item that halves the amount of steps all eggs in your boxes need to hatch for 24 hours
• Item that doubles the levels your Pokemon get when clicked for 24 hours
• Maybe borders that would overlay the adopt like normal items, but it's just something decorative to put on your favourite adopts?

Let users trade currency.
Trades expire after a week.
Switch the dropdown search bar for a type-in/autofill searchbar. The bar should only show what is actually in a current GTS trade.
Have a notification sent to the Trade owner when their trade has only 24 hours left.

Next button when clicked into an adopt from the edit page.
Going back to the back you were in, not box 1.
Maybe a way to select a handful of adopt at once to move them to a different box instead of doing it one by one. Like a little checkbox and a 'move all selected to box _". Would help mobile players.
We should never be offering the same promos for more than a month at a time. If even that.
We need more monthly eggs and we need more ways to get dex promos, and I think that's through special events.

Have a contest that runs every other month where users create an adopt based on a prompt and the best one gets their fake-adopt redrawn by one of our artists and turned into a monthly. The months that don't have a user-made adopt are one's the staff have made already or have other special plans for, like big holidays and such.

Have a questline every month where users complete tasks that eventually lead them to special items and dex promos!
Make sure these promos have a chance of being shiny, too!
I wouldnt even mind helping in trying to organize some of this, too, I love hosting events and would be honored.

The clouds swirl in the sky, you look up, making an offhand comment to yourself about how strange this seemed. About to brush this phenomenon off, a glimmer catches your eye- something is flying up there through the clouds! Majestic and regal as it twists and turns in the sky- you're so captivated by it's grace that you hardely notice the voice suddenly booming from what seems to be every direction.
'Go, human, for you are unworthy. Prove your determination to your Pokemon by training _ of them."

_/_ Pokemon levelled up.

Basically make Minigames that arent neccesarily more fun to play, but they're worth playing.

If you win a game a hangman, you get a random adopt no matter what. Not just a random, oh, you might get something if you play for half an hour.
No no. Big no no. You get an adopt or a handful of pokecoins every. Time. You. Win.
Win = Reward.

Get rid of games that offer items as rewards and replace them with win/reward game. Sell those items in the shop and have them available through Congratz.

Highscore games- introduce those again and impliment a submitting a daily score function. The higher the score you submit, the more coins you win in return.

Trading point

Subsection for promos, have them cost more and have a cooldown on when you can grab a Pokemon. 2 Pokemon every hour, perhaps?
Might make someone mad if they miss a shiny or a good promo/collect, but thats the name of the game, isn't it?

Make Congratz more frequent
Make (mostly) all items available to be won(won't work if items can't be sold)
Have a good handful of non-dex promos available from the Congrats that can be won. This way congrats doesn't have to be updated as often.


The lottery is a mess- so raise the stakes and make it a money dump
Make the odds absolutely impossible and have the jackpot be a pretty insane amount of pokecoin/dollar and like a shiny pokemon/promo
Hell, make the jackpot half the amount that people have spent on tickets fir that round.

Lower the stakes.
Make it easier for newer users to win something.
Cap the tickets at 10 or 20, have them cost 100-200 coins each, and have three people win every 12 hours or so. One person wins a random promo that's in rotations amd the others win coins/cash or items.


Genderless/one-gender Pokemon can be bred by ditto(excluding promos).
If getting eggs is still going to be fairly difficult, at least have a chaining system implimented.
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