Leaving indefinitely, giving away everything!

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Re: Leaving indefinitely, giving away everything!

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Taka Edakumi wrote:
Announcement: The system of obtaining adopts has changed to be simpler and easier! Please read the new system!

Yep, as the title says, I'm leaving VA. I don't know if I'll ever be back, I just know that I visit so seldom that I feel bad having all these Pokémon rot away in my boxes. I want to help people achieve their dream adopts and I also want these Pokémon to have better homes, so that's why I'm giving away everything I've got. I'm setting up a system to make this fair though, so let me lay down some rules and instructions.

Each user that wishes to claim Pokémon from my stash can take two adopts per person each day. If a user takes only one adopt today, they still may only take two tomorrow, so you cannot 'save' chances for adopts. Value doesn't matter, so if you want a legendary adopt and a shiny in one day, that's alright--just try to leave some good stuff for others!

(Note: Only users who have ordered adopts will show up here, all others have not taken any adopts yet today.)

I have some accessories for the Santa Lucario and some scoops for the Ice Cream Cones as well--these are the items available to apply:

Santa Lucario Items
Bag x1
Beard x 3
Bell x2
Black Boots x2
Black Coat x2
Blue Coat x2
Blue Muffles x1
Blue Scarf x2
Brown Boots x4
Gold Coat x3
Gold Mittens x2
Gold Muffles x1
Gold Scarf x4
Green Coat x2
Green Mittens x1
Green Muffles x2
Green Scarf x1
Plush Reindeer x2
Red Mittens x4
Red Muffles x2
Red Scarf x2
Tail Bells x6
Twigs x2
White Boots x3
White Muffles x1

Ice Cream Scoops
(Cone count: 0)
Audino Scoop x1
Hitmontop Scoop
Magmar Scoop x1
Purrloin Scoop x3
Quilava Scoop x1
Quilfish Scoop x1
Yamask Scoop x1

Other Items
Dawn Stone x1
King's Rock x1
Everstone x3

Any of the items already attached to the Pokémon I have will come with them--it's up to you what you do with those items after you receive an adopt with an item attached.

I know there will be a lot of questions, but I'll see if I can answer some that I think will be rather common.

"Which Virtuadopts are off-limits and what boxes can I choose from?"
Any and all of my Pokémon are up for grabs--that means if you can find it in my boxes, it's available!
Except for the Stork Doduo and my starter Pokémon, apparently those are un-tradeable

"What if someone has already asked for the Pokémon I want?"
First come, first serve. Unless there is another unclaimed one of the Pokémon you want, you'll just have to choose something else. Sorry!

"What is the 'Other Items' list? Can I take from there?"
Those are items I have on hand that are not attached to a Pokémon currently. Anyone can ask for one of these items to be attached to a Pokémon they wish to receive--this means you must be claiming a Pokémon with the item so that there is something to attach it to. If the Pokémon you choose already has an item attached, you must choose which item you want.

"When can I claim two more Pokémon?"
The Checklist will reset at 12am EST every day (though it may take me a while to get to it!).

"Can I order adopts through PM?"
Transactions must be made on this thread only. That way other users will know if an adopt has already been claimed, and it's all a little more organized.

"Do you have any extra money/can you buy me an item from the mart?"
Sorry, but I don't have enough money to purchase anything from the mart--anything in the 'Other Items' list is all that I have available.

"Do you have credits to give away with your Pokémon?"
Nope, I've always had a hard time keeping hold of credits so I don't have any.

"Do we have to keep the names of Pokémon we get here? Have any rules attached to them?"
Once you get it, it's all yours! Whatever you want to do with it is fine by me! Trade it, keep it, rename it--anything you want! I'm not asking for anything back, either--these adopts are being given, not lent!

"How soon can I expect my order to arrive?"
I'm going to try and be online every day at least to send the codes for orders made and update the Checklist, so hopefully no later than 24 hours after your order!

"Are you deactivating your account after this?"
No, no, after all, I might come back someday. I just don't want my Virtuadopts to go to waste in case I forget about the site.

"But I'll miss you!"
Don't worry, you can still find me on other sites! I'm Takatheeducatedkid on DeviantART, TakaEdakumi on FlightRising and Taka on Rescreatu!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find something you like among my adopts! It's been really fun here and I'm glad to have met the friends I made on Virtuadopt~ I wish the best for all of you! <3
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Re: Leaving indefinitely, giving away everything!

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Do u Have a Shiny Kyogre or any Kyogre of some sort? I really love that pokemon
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Re: Leaving indefinitely, giving away everything!

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Guys, Taka last visited 10th December 2015. Probably not going to be trading anymore pokemon/items.
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Re: Leaving indefinitely, giving away everything!

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loly27 wrote:Guys, Taka last visited 10th December 2015. Probably not going to be trading anymore pokemon/items.
It looks like that has been mentioned three times now, so we might be having a problem with no one reading the last posts.