[GUIDE] Click Exchange

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[GUIDE] Click Exchange

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The Click Exchange Guide

What is the Click Exchange, and how can I get there?

The Click Exchange allows you to level up your adoptables faster while helping other players level
up their adoptables too. The Click Exchange is located in the Gamer Corner.

Why should I use it?
The Click Exchange is one of the easiest ways to publicize adoptables you want to be fed. As a special feature for the Click Exchange, you can feed the same adoptables more than once a day. There are also exclusive prizes you can win.

How do you use it?
When you go to the Click Exchange, you will see something similar to the image below. Lets break down each area. In the greeting box, you will notice how many credits you have and a way to edit them. We will discuss this shortly. To the right, you see the adopt to feed. This is the adoptable that you will be feeding upon completion of the question below. Once you answer the question correctly, the page will reload to the feeding page.


Once you have answered the question, you have 30 seconds (60 seconds for Premium) of "free click" time. What that means is that the question will not appear and a "Quick Feed" link will replace it. This allows you to feed adopts even faster. Once that time expires, a new question will appear and the process starts over.

Do you win prizes?
Yes! Anything you can win from normal clicking/feeding can be won in the Click Exchange. Occasionally, there are special prizes that can only be won in the Click Exchange. Check recent announcements for more details.

What is a credit?
A credit is like a special currency for the Click Exchange. When you add credits to an adoptable,
it will begin to appear in the "Adopt To Feed" until it has no credits left.

How do you use your credits?
To manage your credits, click the Edit Credits link on the main Click Exchange page. Here, you can view all of your adoptables, sorted by boxes. Click the adoptable you wish to add/remove credits to/from and it will appear in the top right box along with how many credits are currently on it. Edit the number and click the Update button.


What are "View Adopts With Credits" and "Remove All Credits From Adopts"?
View Adopts With Credits will only display your adoptables that currently have credits applied to them.
Remove All Credits From Adopts will remove all credits currently applied to your adopts any make them available for you to use on other adoptables.