Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

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Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by Ellie »

Hello VA-ers! I'm here with another contest for you all, one year after my first summer contest!

This contest will close at 11:55 PM PDT on July 1st

>Entries go here<

This contest is going to be a bit different from others. Previously you had to complete a specific task in order to qualify for a contest. This time, however, you can make an entry with any medium you choose!

What does this mean? You can enter whatever you want that applies to the theme. Writing, photos, drawings, anything you want. You have free reign to use anything you wish (hence the name).

Here are a few rules that you MUST follow when creating your entries, or you will be disqualified:
1) The entry must relate to summer and Pokemon/Virtuadopt in some way. If I can't see how it relates then you won't qualify.
2) Any art form (including sprites, banners, etc) must be created 100% by you or using official images only! Official images include stock art, game sprites, brushes that come with the program by default, etc. You may also use VA art or sprites for the purpose of this contest, though they are not normally free-to-use. This includes any part of your project, such as sprites on a trainer card or brushes on a banner. Anyone who uses any art that does not fit one of those two categories will not only be banned from the contest but could end up banned from the website. If you aren't sure whether something counts as official, ask me!
3) Any photos you take must include your name and Viruadopt somewhere in the photo. It can't be digitally added afterwards; it must be somewhere in the actual photo.
4) Writing-related entries must be approximately between 500-1500 words. I will be somewhat lenient but too much over or under will disqualify you.
5) If you have been banned from the forums at any point during the duration of the contest, you will not be allowed to enter.
6) You may only have one entry. Obviously you can do different things while planning your entry, but your final entry must be a single product. If it is a photo, you may have multiple angles, or if it is an art project you can have multiple stages of development, as long as they all represent the same thing.

The following things aren't rules, but they are general tips for entry:
1) If you don't know something, ask me! During the beginning of the contest I will be dealing with finals and moving back home, so I may not be as available, but towards the end of the contest I will be on summer break, so I will have more time to answer. PMing is usually best to ask me questions, but I will check the discussion topic as well.
2) You have an entire month for the contest, so use it. Rushed entries that look like there was no time put in will not receive a good score. On that note..
3) There may not be a consolation prize, so do your best. Don't count on entering something half-assed and getting a promo just for "trying" because it probably won't happen.
4) Due to the freedom of this contest, creativity will be more of a factor than it was in the past. If you can draw a picture of a Charmander looking at an ocean sunset, that might look nice, but it's not very original. However, if you can make a website that shows a Pokedex with entries of summer Pokemon, that would be much more unique and would probably score a lot higher. (Don't use my example now lol)

I reserve the right to add more rules/tips if I realize there was something I didn't cover.

Now, I bet you're all waiting to see what you can win for this. Once again, Nautilus has prepared a lovely promotional adoptable:
Image Image
Exceptional entries may also receive an additional prize, so do your best!
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by tmwathen »

Oh cool! My first event where im actually on at the right time to get the monthlies !!!

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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by Dustydragon »

Yay!!!!! So excited!!!! Thanks Ellie XD
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by moh »

awesomeness - a free reign, maybe ill try now!
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by saber »

summer cotton ball? free reign? SCHOOL'S OUT!!! :D
what, not yet? :shock:
nnnoooooooo :cry: :evil:

OK this is a very nice oppurtunity, thanks alot!!!
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by Aira »

Omg..summer jumpluffs. *___*
I'm definitely going to participate in this. :)
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by TsukiKitsune »

hehe this will be fun but how.. to incorperate some fearows in the summer?
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by Dystopia »

*_* this will be a fun contest, i really love the prize♥ i really can't resist win the shiny summer jumpluff >3<, thanks ellie!!!
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by Kijairi »

Ohhh this is so cute ^////^
I love this contest pokemon :3
thanks Ellie
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by BloodArmor »

awesome, first event while i'm here :D.
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by ChocoLiina »

cool contest! hopefully this time I create a qulifikation ^ ^
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by KopierKatze »

I am so excited, I almost dreamed about my entry~ xDD
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by Liffy »

Uhh~ I have a great idea. :twisted:
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by PokeTrade »

OMG Uber nice promo's!
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by isaflor »

Yeah the promos are sooooo cute^^ I have a great idea, too^^
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by nanami1995 »

I have painted (with the computer) a pokemon, where I should send/post it? :)
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by RaveApe »

:cry: I don't understand everything. =(
I just know that I have to take a pikture of an pokemon which enjoys the summer
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by UkeSora »

BebiiYunii, we have June.
The contest ends in July, yes.

RaveApe, you can do whatever you want, as long as it's Pokémon and Summer related. :) VirtuAdopt related would be nice, too, but isn't a must.
You can take a photo of you with Summer Pokémon at the beach, you can build a sandcastle, you can draw a surfing Pokémon, or maybe Hawaiin dancing, you can create a Pokémon Cocktail, or wrote a Summer love story, maybe even create a poem?

All up to you! Just don't forget to add your name on a paper in case you take photos. And of course everything you use (when drawing), has to be your creation or official artwork.

Here: ... 24&t=13437
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by nanami1995 »

UkeSora, thank you^^
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Re: Summer 2011 Freedom Contest

Post by _EmmO_ »

where i should upload my Pic´s?
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