Virtuadopt's 15th Anniversary Celebration

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Re: Virtuadopt's 15th Anniversary Celebration

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Happy Birthday 💐 And thank you for everything ❤️
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Balance Changes to Expeditions

Post by KitsuLeif »

As you might have already noticed, we had to adjust a couple of things in Expeditions. Let's talk nerfs and buffs!
First off, we changed the cost of the short expedition to $2,500 (up from $1,000), to be more in line with the costs of the other options.
Next, some of the rewards have been changed in a way that, while still making short expeditions worth the cost, should incentivize you to go on longer expeditions. For example, we decided that getting up to 1,000 coins from a 3-hour expedition was way too powerful, and we drastically changed the general amount of coins that can be gained from Expeditions to not devalue the other ways of getting those. Because we all know that the Insanity Pack in Match is the real way to earn coins :>
But there are significant buffs as well, because we adjusted the length of medium and long Expeditions in a way that should make them feel worthwhile in comparison to the short ones.

That's all you need to know for now. We hope you keep having fun with sending your adopts on awesome adventures and discover cool new stuff!
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