~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

For discussing aspects of Pokemon not related to VA, such as the games, TCG, anime, and manga.
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by ShinyReshiram »

Pokémon Black/White because i love the diferent story style (about free Pokémon and other things)...
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Nery »

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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Mina-chan »

Pokémon Pearl was the first one I played, and that one's probably going to stay with me forever, haha.
I also love the whole Pokémon Ranger series a lot (the first one especially), as well as the earlier Pokémon Mystery Dungeon ones (Team Red/Blue; although I also liked Time/Darkness/Sky!).

FR/LG were great, and SS/HG too, obviously. Ahhh so many amazing Pokémon games! :,)
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Venom »

My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team, so I love all of those games. Their endings have never failed to make me cry when I see them for the first time - and I don't usually cry at stuff. I also loved Pokemon Conquest, and I'd really like to see a sequel.

Out of the main Pokemon games, I think that the Gen 5 games (B2/W2 more than B/W) had a better storyline than most of the other games, but the some of the Pokemon designs were...questionable. *insert Vanilluxe here.*

I liked HG/SS because it allowed you to have your Pokemon walking beside you - I wish they would bring that back sometime!

My favourite main Pokemon game would have to be either Diamond (the first main Pokemon game I beat the Champion with) or Y (even though the characters are just bad, the 3D kinda makes up for that, as do some of the new Pokemon.) I don't have one of the Gen 3 remakes yet as I have to wait for Christmas, but I'll be getting Alpha Sapphire, which may well replace Y as one of my favourite games.
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Riah »

That's a really good question! My favorites (Aka the ones I played the tar out of) have been Crystal, Ruby, and X :)
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Wishes Delicious »

DIAMOND! It was the very first pokémon game I had, and Diamond and Pearl was the show I grew up with. ❤️
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Junior Tycon »

Whaaaaat? A pokemon favorite game question that I've not answered yet?! Well, my favorite region of all time forever and always is Johto. I fell in love with Pokemon Gold when I was a little filly (suddenly I'm a horse now), and I always hated it because I had to choose between my two all-time favorite starters: Totodile & Cyndaquil. But Gold had one of my favorite legendaries: Ho-oh! (And also, technically Celebi, but.. you know... events that no longer happen no longer happen).

SO I would say that Gold is my favorite game of all time.


I loved (!!) the reboot of Gold (HeartGold) sooooo much, that it is tied for my #1 all-time favorite pokemon game with its original.
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Yasha »

My favourite of all time was Silver and I played it till the game broke (yes, that can happen... :()
Then I bought myself SoulSilver and I just loved it. Especially the little Pokemon that followed you was adorable!
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by IzzyMemO »

Pokémon Emerald > Pokémon FireRed > Pokémon Platinum > Pokémon Red > Pokémon Crystal > Pokémon Black
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by deactivated210321 »

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon definitely!!!
It made me cry and I don't cry much...
And it has good storyline too!
I don't know why it has such a bad rating though...
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Tyranitar »

I remember that Yellow was my first pokemongame I got to my Gameboy color.
My brother got red, then he upgraded to silver, then to Ruby so I got silver.
But the love of pokemon died for a few years.
Ever since you could download everything to your phone, I started love pokemon again, and could use which pokemon game I wanted, så I tested many of them, also hacks. I tried X and Y on GBA, but it wasn't that good.
But for now on, I play Pokemon Resolute (hack)
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Syiren »

There are a lot of amazing pokemon games. I almost picked Alpha Sapphire except for one thing. In HG/SS your pokemon follow you. I pick Heart Gold because I love the autumn colors around Ho-oh's tower.
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Nery »

Pokemon Gold/Silver, followed by HeartGold and SoulSilver. I love Johto with all my heart ♥
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Kaede »

Every single Ranger Title.
*cough* uhm and from the Main series I guess I like them all? But Crystal the most? X, Blue and Sapphire right after.

The newest games are okay too - I enjoyed them. But we all have to admit, that they could have been WAY better.
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Norse Loki »

My list of pokemon games I've played in order favorites to least go as follows,

Crystal (was my second actually, first was Silver)
Black 2 (last game I truly enjoyed, Y and Sun were ok)
Pearl (wish I had waited for Platinum but I really liked Pearl, also Masuda method to the max)
HeartGold (remakes of the first/second games I played, loved it)
Alpha Sapphire (really good remakes, what BDSP should have strived to be)
Leaf Green (fourth game I played, not bad at all)
Ruby (third pokemon game I played, enjoyed it)

Anything after that I haven't played and don't really plan to.
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Re: ~What is your favorite Pokemon game?~

Post by Dragonclaw »

I'm struggeling between Pokemon White 2 and Pokémon Platinum. With Gen 4, I'm probably biased, because it was the first game that I played a lot and actually have memories of. But B/W2 had so much charm and character, I love the animated pixel sprites so much and overall - all of it? It was just an amazing experience. I rarely had moments where I was bored of the game.
HeartGold is also a honorable mention. And I also love Pokémon X/Y very much, I think that was the last good main pokémon game, for me, at least.

I also love all Mystery Dungeon games, except for the first and the Switch remake.
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