Monthly/Special Dex Voucher

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Monthly/Special Dex Voucher

Post by Akemie »

I am getting bored from clicking pretty fast if I already got everything.
I thought about many ways to make clicking on here more profitable.

My idea is for a new kind of prize in congratz and/or in the game corner:

What about a monthly voucher where you get any random monthly with a small chance of being a shiny monthly?
That way you can get old monthlies (with your OTs) and still have a slim chance getting the shiny variant!

This could work in a similar way to the shadows back on old VA a couple of years back where you could win different kind of sprays and turn them into shadow pokemon.

Maybe there could be different kind of vouchers for each season/theme the monthlies appeared in the special dex (summer, christmas, halloween etc). And vouchers in the right real-time season are more likely?

Had this idea in my head for a few days now and people on the discord server seemed to like it :3

(ignore the names, I just did a screenshot of my boxes xD)

(also return shinies to the congratz ;w;)
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Re: Monthly/Special Dex Voucher

Post by SchokoKitsune »


Love the idea of these vouchers, or trade tokens, or whatever the heck they could be called. I also like the idea of them being added as a congratz-prize, because that would encourage clicking when there's nothing else to do - but may I add on to this suggestion? Instead of only being congratz prizes, i would love if this kind of voucher could also be bought in the market, but with a limited amount per user per timeframe, for example starting with 1 per user per month, and the monthly amount could be adjusted over time if needed owo (but they should still be available as congratz prize, the buyable one should be additional)

And this voucher/token system could also be expanded every now and then, so that for example we get ones for legendarys that are required for your pokedex, but are otherwise unavailable (bird trio at the moment, johto beasts when Hoenn releases, maybe even Mew/Mewtu, Lugia and so on) so that new players have a chance to catch up and casuals have a chance to grab what they have missed when there's a sudden change in available congratz prizes 🙈
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Re: Monthly/Special Dex Voucher

Post by Syiren »

+1 This is an awesome idea!
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Re: Monthly/Special Dex Voucher

Post by FairyPrincessCynthia »

Spoiler for more adopts inside:
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