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[GUIDE] The Great Archive

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Since the big relaunch of VA 2.0, we’ve had many cool Events with old and new Promos, Monthlies and other Special Adopts being made available through various methods.
This thread is for archiving all the adopts that were once available. But just because they are listed here that doesn’t mean some of them can’t return in the future.

LAST UPDATED: December 1, 2022

Congratz Promos
Spoiler for The Early Birds:

The three Legendary Birds were available from the relaunch of Virtuadopt until the Johto release on 31st of July 2022.
Spoiler for One Broke Kitty:

This poor Meowth has been made available in early October after the launch of the Daycare in late September 2022 which emptied players’ wallets faster than a Team Rocket Member could have ever done. It was available for two and a half weeks before it tried its luck somewhere else.

Monthly Eggs
Spoiler for The first Monthly of 2.0:
Image Image

September 8 marked the return of Monthly Eggs. This cute Salandit hatched from it a week later and is still trying to hide his snacks from his Salazzle harem leader. Let’s hope he will never get caught, or who knows what’s going to happen to him?
Spoiler for Spooky Month 2022:
Image Image
Image Image
Image https://www.virtuadopt.com/images/adopt ... l/1315.png

The Halloween Event gave us three Monthly Eggs, each of them available for a week. This is what you get for fusing Pokémon together!

Trading Promos


Raffle Promos
Spoiler for Mewtwo Raffles Back:

The Raffle returned May 31 and with it this unique Pokémon, both in regular and shiny form. Mewtwo was available until the Autumn Promos replaced it on September 10.
Spoiler for Summer was on Fire:
Image Image Image

On July 17 three new Promos were added to the Raffle, while still featuring regular Mewtwo.
Except for Summer Hawaii Belossom, there was a shiny form for each of the new Raffle Promos available as well, until all of them were replaced on September 10 by the Autumn Promos.
Spoiler for Fallback:

September 10 marked the release of the Autumn Promos. Only two of them were available until they were replaced by the Winter Promos on December 1.
Misc Promos
Spoiler for The First Promo:

Shiny Mew was only available for 36 hours after the relaunch, before it was made the prize for the winner of the Design the Medal Contest.
Spoiler for The Doctor is in:

With the beginning of the Halloween Event 2022, Dr. Victor made his glorious return, and this time as a breeding promo. To get him, the female in the Daycare had to be a Kadabra, while the male just had to be a Pokémon that was able to breed with her. With the end of the Halloween Event on November 8, he disappeared once again.