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Pick Your Team Trainers!

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(Sorry if there's already a topic like this. I tried looking, but I didn't see any.)

Picture yourself as a trainer in the middle of your journey traveling the world of pokemon. What region are you exploring? And more importantly, what is your team?

You can travel with up to six pokemon by your side. Who are they? And why do you pick them? Only catch is they have to be in your collection on this site. Legendries are perfectly fine.

Okay, here we go.

1. Adoptable
Storm. Back in 2006 I bought my very first Gameboy Advance SP and a copy of Leaf Green with my own money. It wasn't a gift, I didn't have to ask my parents for it. I had earned it. When I started that game I had a lot of amazing pokemon on my team, but one of them that never ever let me down was Storm. A male Lapras that really showed me just how amazing that species of pokemon really is. He's the reason why I love the pokemon as much as I do today. I maxed out his level to 100 and taught him Rain Dance, Surf, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam.

2. Adoptable
Yes, Farfetch'd. I never expected it to end up in my team list. But then I got Pokemon Y version. I caught one in the wild, needing a flying type for the bug gym. And he ended up being in my team through the Elite Four. He is tough, fast and really surprised me with how many times he got me out of a tight spot.

3. Adoptable
Mikey, my bestest boi Umbreon. Another pokemon from my Leaf Green version that got to level 100 next to Storm. There's not much else I could say about him to match his loyalty. I know pokemon are really just a collection of 1's and 0's, but Mikey really does have a heart and soul. So many times he'd get hit with confusing moves or moves that would make him freeze with static, but 9/10 times he'd always strike a true hit to the opponent. This one's also one of the oldest Virtuadopts I've got. Even though I got him through a trade, I still cherish and love this amazing eeveelution.

4. Adoptable
Simia. What can I say about Simia? Salamence is a beast. We all know this, but at level 100, with attacks like Flamethrower, Dragon Claw, Dragon Breath, and Fly, she is a powerhouse that didn't lose very often throughout the many games I've migrated her to. Right now she's safely resting in my Alpha Sapphire game.

5. Adoptable
Give this cute hugable guy all the shrimp he wants. Picking a johto starter is honestly hard, because they're all awesome, but Totodile is my absolute favorite of the three. I chose him in Gold version and Crystal. The anime itself also painted in such a happy-go-lucky and cheerful light. Always smiling, always dancing and happy. I also lived most of my live in Florida, so it's not impossible to see a gator in the local lakes.

6. Adoptable
Had I owned a mew on here, she'd be sitting in one of the other spots. However, I have to go with a legendary that's very special to me. I used to have a beautiful sweetheart of a stripped yellow tabby named Taz. He was my purr buddy and one of my best friends. Every day when I'd come home from work or spending time with friends, he was right there to greet me with a happy meow and wait for me to take off my shoes at the door so he could jump onto my bent back and either sit or lay flat down. He passed away from that revolting horrible disease known as cancer. I was supposed to hang out with my friends the next day to play pokemon go. It was Raikou Raid day. I almost didn't go, but my mom convinced me it was better to be with friends instead of locked in my room crying like I had been all night. I finally agreed and went. It was hard to smile, but I did catch one shiny Raikou and I didn't realize until then how the shiny's fur matched the golden color of Taz's. So I had to name him Taz.
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