Cutie Cars Stories: The Big Sleepover

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Cutie Cars Stories: The Big Sleepover

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One day, Motor Melon, Wheely Musical, and Lollipop Soft Top were having lunch and decided to invite a bunch of friends over for a sleepover. "I can have it over at my house," said Motor Melon. "Great idea," said Wheely Musical, "You've got a lot of space!" "Who should should we invite?" asked Lollipop Soft Top. "We don't wanna hurt anyone's feelings, so let's invite Cupcake Cruiser, Choc Chip Racer, Popcorn Moviegoer, Fruity Zoomer, Sugarbuggy, Gumball Go-Cart, Donut Express, Moto Gelato, and Puff Rusher." "When shall we have it?" asked Wheely Musical. "Let's have it in 2 weeks from now. That gives us time to plan."

The 3 Cutie Cars went home and are excited about their sleepover. In the blink of an eye, it was time for the sleepover. Everyone arrived on time with good spirits. Motor Melon says, "Hey, everyone! We're so glad all of you came!" She gives everyone a wheelie high-five. "I hope everyone is ready for a good time," Lollipop said, "It's gonna be a late night!" The other Cutie Cars exclaimed excitedly as the three hosts went to the kitchen to start making popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, and cake pops. Cupcake Cruiser and Choc Chip Racer drove up to the hosts and asked them if they could help. "Sure, why not?" Melon said. Wheely Musical said, "Cupcake, get the ingredients for the cake pops. Choc Chip, get the ingredients for the cookies." "Okay," they said in unison. They both drove around efficiently, gathering all the ingredients. Motor Melon preheated the oven, microwaved the popcorn, and got the cooking utensils for the others. The group had fun baking in the kitchen, and soon all the snacks are ready!

Wheely Musical said, "We made the snacks! Now let's decide on a movie." "I wanna watch a scary one!" said Donut Express. "No way," Popcorn Moviegoer said, "I hate scary movies because they always make me spill my popcorn." "I have an idea," said Moto Gelato, "Let's watch the Disney Pixar's Cars trilogy!" Everyone agreed. All the Cutie Cars went through the first 2 movies without a problem. They were full after eating and it was getting late. Some of the cars (Fruity Zoomer, Puff Rusher, and Cupcake Cruiser) dozed off. Sugarbuggy whispered to Donut Express, "I've got this roll of streamers and washable paint; let's decorate Fruity Zoomer while she's asleep." "Great idea," whispered Donut Express. They both wrapped Fruity Zoomer with blue and yellow streamers and painted a heart-shape on her windshield. Just as they finished, Fruity Zoomer woke up to the other cars laughing hysterically. "Hey, I dozed off!" Fruity said, "What did I miss?" "Donut Express and Sugarbuggy gave you a makeover while you're asleep," said Lollipop Soft Top. Fruity drove over to a mirror to look at herself and she screamed in surprise and laughed as well. "Oh, you guys are so funny," she laughed, "Now who's gonna help me clean up?" "I will," said Cupcake Cruiser. "Me too," said Puff Rusher. The two got right to work and soon Fruity is good as new. "Thanks for your help," she said. "No problem," Cupcake and Puff said in unison as they joined the others in watching the third movie.

As soon as the third movie was over, they all agreed it was time for bed. Motor Melon turned off the lights and everyone said good night to each other. About 15 minutes after the lights went out, Moto Gelato whispered to Wheely Musical, "I'm starting to have trouble sleeping. Do you have a way of playing a lullaby?" Choc Chip Racer explained, "Gumball and I want a lullaby too, because we can't sleep either." Wheely Musical said, "Sure, no problem. I'll play my lullaby station." The lullabies playing on his radio made the still-awake cars relaxed and content, and by the end of third lullaby, they drifted off to dreamland.

All the cars slept through the night and had beautiful dreams. The next morning, they woke up early and decided to go to a breakfast restaurant before parting ways. They all agreed they had a wonderful time and enjoyed each other's company very much. Motor Melon thanked everyone for coming and promised to invite them all again real soon.

The End
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Re: Cutie Cars Stories: The Big Sleepover

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