Request/Idea for Congratz

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Re: Request/Idea for Congratz

Post by Kaede »

+1 on this suggestion!
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Re: Request/Idea for Congratz

Post by 49ER »

Tango if you are normal clicking then use snaplinks or linkclumps for clicking so they all open up in tabs. Then do control + tab to scroll through the tabs to find Congratz
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Re: Request/Idea for Congratz

Post by Jace999608 »

+1 again for this! It's definitely possible to do something like this- the raffle PMed you the code- so I don't understand why the same wouldn't be done for Congratz, especially when that's probably the easiest thing to accidentally click away from.
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Re: Request/Idea for Congratz

Post by IzzyMemO »

For those who worry about missing 'congratz': I suggest you guys to use "search all tabs" There are some extensions in the Chrome Web Store tha have this function. The CONGRATZ is not a picture it's text and you are able to search it. Normally CTRL+F can do it but for multiple tabs you need to use such extensions.
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