favorite pokemon/region

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favorite pokemon/region

Post by sableyeJr »

origional Region: hoenn
Why it is my favorite: it likes gems, and i am a gem collector
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Re: favorite pokemon/region

Post by Tango »

This is a toughie... I have so many but for right now, just picking one:

Original Region: Kanto

Why? I just think it looks adorable. That mousey face, nice colors, big ol' claws, resembles a pangolin/hedgehog which are also all adorable and great fun. Now I just wish it didn't have a garbage moveset so I could convince myself to use it in games lol

My favorite region though is Johto. Likely just cause Gen 2 was amazing with having both Johto & Kanto in them.
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Re: favorite pokemon/region

Post by Sasquatch »

My favorite Pokemon has always been Lucario! Cos its simply the coolest pokemon ever. I remember catching it in the platinum pokemon game and was so excited as a kid! Catching it had always been my target in all the pokemon game series Still my fav!
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Re: favorite pokemon/region

Post by Zafie »

My favorite region is most likely Johto as I enjoy the map, Pokémon and how memorable it was when I first witnessed it as a kid. Its honestly difficult for me to choose my favorite as they do have a lot now. My favorite starter is Squirtle and my favorite current Pokémon from Galar is Yamper.
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