Last video game you played?

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Re: Last video game you played?

Post by Sabbo »

Nexomon Extinction, totally love it, already caught two Shinies (they are called cosmic in there) and enjoying the story.

love the character design and the design of the monsters, got many favorites...thankfully you can play on more than one slot, will definitely go for another turn with a different team. in the beginning, catching Nexomon is a bit frustrating, the system is more complex than pokemon. my pro-tipp is just smash all the buttons over and over like you're playing marioparty x D And use food and statuseffects. you will become more familiar with the catching-system in mid-game, may take some time, patience pays off...

the game also reminds me of Yokai Watch. So i guess the game is a mixture between Pokemon, Yokai Watch and Ni no kuni.

So far i already grinded my team to level 50, cause i'am truly addicted. What i really like is the levels of monsters in the wild rise as you become stronger, also you can rematch the Trainers (they are called tamers in there). Although i already got a well balanced team on around Level 50, it's still challenging, which is surprising me.

In Pokemon, the game becomes way too easy after grinding. But since i'am a "grind-addict", i really appreciate the higher levels on wild and Trainers monsters in Nexomon.

Of course there are also points for improvement, sometimes the game feels a bit off with monsters having the same cries and some translation issues. also getting hit by a statuseffect which lasts 5 rounds is sometimes a bit...well, annoying. but those may be easily fixed in the future. for around 20 bucks, the game keeps me entertained^^.

And theres some great humor regarding gaming in there^^.
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Re: Last video game you played?

Post by Catslover »

Pokemon Silver <3
And I hatched a Shiny Larvitar last week yay!!
Now I'm filling my Pokedex a bit
Looking for Dex pkm & Missing Scoops Box2 Update 22-1-2016

Also collecting... ImageImageImage
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Re: Last video game you played?

Post by jirachi100 »

Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
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Re: Last video game you played?

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