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I have a question about how to do something on the forum.
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Check the Forum FAQ before asking your question.

When do eggs hatch?
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Regular eggs that you adopt from Professor Birch or the Daycare will hatch between 5,000-10,000 steps. Special monthly eggs will all hatch on a specific date, regardless of their level.

How do I increase the number of steps that an egg has?
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Click them, or have people click them for you.

How do I get a lot of money fast?
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Clicking your own and other peoples Virtuadopts is the most consistent way to get money. You will normally gain between $1-$4 with each click, and on Tuesdays you can gain $1-$8. There is a slight chance to win $1,000 from the slot machine every time you level something up as well.

When do my Pokémon evolve?
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If it evolves by level, it is random, just keep leveling them. It will be somewhere between 50 and 200.
If it is a Pokémon that requires a stone, you need to buy that stone and use it, and if it is a Pokémon that required trading, you need to trade it. Some Pokémon require equipping of a special item, and then trading.
There's more on that here

I had a Pokémon registered in my Pokédex and now it is gone. Why?
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In Virtuadopt, your Pokédex only shows what Virtuadopts you currently own, not anything you used to own as in the games.

What is an everstone?
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An everstone is a special item that prevents a Pokémon from evolving when it is attached. People do this to their Pokémon in order to complete their Pokédex.

How do I add more boxes for my adoptables?
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In order to add more boxes, visit the Pokémon Center and hit "Access the Control Panel." Here you will be able to create new boxes, edit the box names, and re-order the boxes.

Can I transfer my old (pre-April 2009) Virtuadopt adoptables to here?
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Nope. There are certain complications that prevent it.
A. Differences between old system/new system (database-wise).
B. Changing image rendering function, which makes old image-paths incompatible - so old links would not work;
C. Over 60 thousands of adoptables in earlier version, and only a small percent still had their codes written.
D. People abused bugs in the old system, which allowed people to have adoptables at incredibly high levels.

Can I post my adoptables on other sites?
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Yes, and we encourage it! As long as the website you are trying to post to allows adoptables to be posted, that is. However, the only external Click Exchange currently allowed is Yarolds, due to complications with other people using automated clickers. You can also use Virtuadopt’s own on-site click exchange.

How do I use Virtuadopt’s Click Exchange (CE)?
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You gain credits in the CE by clicking adoptables that are listed for you. For every adoptable you click, you will earn one credit. Click the button that says “Edit your earned credits” in the main page of the CE (where an adoptable is displayed with questions) to use the credits. You can then add credits to your adoptables. Adoptables will only get clicked in the CE when they have credits, and each time it gets clicked the amount of credits added to that adoptable decreases by 1, until there are no more credits left. Virtuadopts with more credits will also be more likely to appear in the CE for other users, so there are lots of advantages to putting a lot of credits on your adoptables. You can also remove credits from adoptables after you are done so you can put them on a new adoptable, making it so you won’t waste credits if you are trying to hatch an egg, for example.

How do I post my Virtuadopt on another website?
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Click on the Pokémon in your PC you want to put somewhere and copy the code that looks like this
Make sure you are following all of the other site’s rules before you post your adoptable!

How do I put my adoptables at the bottom of my post like other users?
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Click on the adoptable you want to add to your signature and copy and paste the Virtuadopt code.
Then, on the forum, go to User Control Panel > Profile > Edit Signature
Finally, just copy and paste the code into the box and hit submit.

Someone is asking for my Virtuadopts in exchange for money/a currency on another website/anything not on Virtuadopt. Can I trade them?
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No, you may not trade Virtuadopts for anything other than things on the Virtuadopt website. If someone asks you to do so, please report them as it is not allowed at all and most people who do this tend to do it over and over again.

How can I get the password to Team Rocket's Hideout?
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Every time you click a Virtuadopt, you see the slot machine at the bottom. Every so often, you have a chance to win additional money, additional mart items, and even those passwords, which you may exchange to special promotionals at Team Rocket's Hideout.

I clicked like a billion adopts today. How come I haven't received a promo!?
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The exact chances of receiving a promo from the slot is a secret, but it is very low.

Why is Pokémon X/the special form of Y not available yet?
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Patience is a virtue. We are working on adding the rest of the special forms.

Will there be gender differences?
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Currently we are not planning on adding any gender differences other than the ones already present.

I really want a special Pokémon but it’s listed as no longer available. How do I get it?
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If you can no longer obtain a Pokémon you must trade with someone who has one to get it, unless it is not tradeable, in which case you must wait for it to become tradeable.

What is a Custom Adoptable?
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Custom Adoptables are special Virtuadopts that belong to the staff members. They are distinguished by the crown-shaped "Custom" medal on them. Only they own the adoptable, and no one else on VA has the same one. There are currently no plans to allow regular members to have custom adoptables. There are also some fake custom adoptables out there that other users have displayed in their signature, but these are not part of the Virtuadopt database and are not real custom adoptables.