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stefanol actually created Virtuadopt before 2009 for a small group of friends. He has spent countless hours creating, maintaining, and administrating Virtuadopt. He has since retired from his duties.

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yankeesrule3526 started as a forum moderator and recolor artist. He eventually helped stefanol with creating new features and forum themes. Now, he is the site administrator.

Tyrogue and Hitmontop
Quetzal & Cydewinder

Quetzal & Cydewinder worked on PokePlushies, now Click Critters, and inspired stefanol to create Virtuadopt.

aragornbird's Articuno

aragornbird was the artist that ran the Arkeis website. His amazing art pieces were the source for the original adoptables.

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Nautilus was the first official artist to work on Virtuadopt's adoptables. Art pieces includes most monthlies, Kanto, Johto, and much more. They have since retired from Virtuadopt.

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UkeSora was the second official artist to join the artistic team. The Hoenn region was their first region, and has drawn many, greatly loved, adoptables since.

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Tango is the mastermind behind the new design you are currently looking at. Over a year in the making, they gave the site a much-needed breath of fresh air and helped usher in a new era of style and quality.


We thank Ellie for her work on the forums as a moderator and contest organizer. We thank stream for his work as a moderator. We thank Shadow for creating banners. We thank NMYoda and KAL for their support. We also thank all the other staff members, both current and past, for the dedication and efforts.

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Most importantly, we would like to thank you! Without players like you, there would be no Virtuadopt. You inspire us to do the best we can, day in and day out.

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