25.12.2019 - Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays everyone! 2019 marked the 10th anniversary of Virtuadopt opening. Time sure does fly! To close out the year with a bang, we are trying something we have never done before...

Advent Frozen Gible

It's a promo Gible! Wait, we already released a promo Gible. That's not new. But this isn't an ordinary promo Gible...is it?

04.12.2019 - December Eggs

Check out these new eggs available just in time for the holiday season, courtesy of the Adoption Center!

December 2019 Egg #1 December 2019 Egg #2 December 2019 Egg #3

Professor Birch thinks they will hatch in a couple weeks, but that doesn't mean you should wait to the last minute to get yours.

27.10.2019 - Your Worst Nightmare, Guzzlord!

It doesn't get much scarier than this Dark and Dragon-type Pokémon. It has 2 tongues that it uses to eat buildings and mountains whole!


If you click around, maybe you will find Guzzlord.

29.09.2019 - We Want Your Feedback!

As many of you know, this version of Virtuadopt turned 10 this year. It's also no secret that site activity has decreased due to lack of updates, partially due to the outdated code. We are considering doing a total overhaul of the site. This would mean a new back-end infrastructure, possibly a new front-end look for the site, and new mechanics.

Is an overhaul something you would like to see? What don't you like about the current mechanics? What would you like to see? Let us know on the forum.

14.07.2019 - New Ice Cream Scoops

Check out some of the new ice cream flavors, now in stock!

02.06.2019 - Ice Cream Anyone?

What better way to cool off that with some Pokémon inspired ice cream scoops?

Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Cone

For the next ten weeks, a different group of scoops will be available as feeding rewards. Also, ice cream cones are available in the Mart.

01.06.2019 - Start of Summer

It's the unofficial start of summer! I can smell the grill cooking already. Kick off your summer right by trying your luck at winning some fan favorite adoptables in the raffle!

Beach Cranidos

01.04.2019 - A Decade of Virtuadopt

Wow! A whole 10 years of Virtuadopt. There is so much to say, so many people to thank, and such little space to say it. So many adoptables have been given a new home (5,374,101 and counting).

Check out the forum post for all the details.

13.03.2019 - Three Monthly March Eggs

Total coincidence that there are three of them...

Egg 1 Egg 2 Egg 3

There are three new eggs available in the Adoption Center! Grab yours while they last.

04.03.2019 - Like Us on Facebook

After almost 10 years, we have officially created a Facebook page! Give us a like for up to the minute news and announcements right in your feed.

As a special promotion, anyone who likes the new page can receive one free legendary Pokémon! Only legendaries that have been released in the past and are not currently available now are eligible. To receive the promo code, you must message Virtuadopt with your username and the name of the legendary you want. But hurry, this won't last long!

Don't forget, we also have a Twitter account to follow if that is more your style.

UPDATE: The promotion has ended

02.03.2019 - Diancite Quest Available

Diancite is now available as a special Quest!

Remember, existing quests need to be completed before you can access the Diancite quest. Diancie is required for the quest. Still need Diancie? Try feeding some adoptables in the Click Exchange.

24.02.2019 - Loveliest Sight in the World

A sudden transformation of Carbink, its pink, glimmering body is said to be the loveliest sight in the whole world.

Diancie Mega Diancie

Keep an eye out for Diancie in the Click Exchange!

13.02.2019 - The Return of the Gambler

Don't gamble your rent money or you'll land up sleeping on the park bench. This Meowth knows when to hold them and when to walk away. He is a master of gambling, so it will take some serious luck to beat him!

Game Corner Meowth

Check out the Game Corner to see how you can win this special Meowth.

21.01.2019 - Faster Server and New Legendary

Last week, we announced Virtuadopt was going to be changing server providers. The plan was to get everything as up to date as we could and improve the speed of the site. We succeeded!

Many of you have already noticed how much faster the pages load. Everything from viewing your Pokemon to exploring the Pokédex are all much, much faster. We look forward to what the future has in store


Now, lets start the new year off right. Why not release a new legendary via an updated game?

24.12.2018 - Gifts That Keep on Gifting

Be on the lookout for presents scattered all over Virtuadopt. No peeking though! You will be able to open them soon enough.

Present #1 Present #2 Present #3 Present #4 Present #5

19.12.2018 - Sparkle Sparkle

While the snow outside glistens in the sunlight, Virtuadopt is also sparkling. Rumors are swirling about an increased rate of shiny Pokémon encounters from the Adoption Center! Could these rumors be true? Or, should they be taken with a pinch of salt?

Shiny Machamp Shiny Sentret Shiny Delibird Shiny Cubchoo

15.10.2018 - Daycare Updates

The Daycare Center has received some much needed updates. As some of you know, when the Daycare Center is holding an egg for you, a man will appear just outside on the map. You can now opt in to receive a PM from the old man when he has an egg for you!

Now, you might be thinking, that's cool and all, but it takes me weeks to get an egg! That should now be a thing of the past. With this update, the Daycare will take in to account how many Virtuadopts you have been feeding and increase the odds of the Daycare finding an egg! Even if you are not active, your odds will increase but at a much slower rate.

What are you waiting for? Now is a great time to breed some new Alolan Pokémon!

07.10.2018 - The Sacred Quartet

With last week's release of Alola Pokémon, the slot machine has received a small update as well! Meet Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini.

Tapu Koko Tapu Lele Tapu Bulu Tapu Fini

You have a small chance of receiving one of these four legendary Pokémon when you feed any Virtuadopt. Get clicking!

29.09.2018 - Say Aloha to Alola

Professor Oak, with the help of Professor Kukui, has discovered a group of new Pokémon on Virtuadopt. These Pokémon come from the Alola region.

Pikipek Mareanie Stufful Comfey

Check out the forum to see what new species of Pokémon are being discovered. Want some for yourself? Adopt an egg from the Adoption Center or make a trade in the Global Trade Station.

24.09.2018 - Alolan Starters are here!

Over the last few days, you may have noticed a strange, cryptic message on the site consisting of seemingly random letters. The meaning of the message has slowly been decoded to reveal....

Popplio Litten Rowlet

A new generation of Pokémon are on the horizon. These Pokémon are from the Alola region. To begin your journey through this new region, talk to Professor Rowan and obtain your first Alola Pokémon! More information is coming soon. Can't wait? Try out the new Alola banner!

16.09.2018 - Mega Latias and Mega Latios are here!

Mega Latias is now available as a special quest. Be quick though, she will only be around for a limited time before Mega Latios arrives!

Mega LatiasMega Latios

09.08.2018 - Monthly Eggs are back

The pattern may be difficult to determine what is inside, but it corresponds with a real event.

August 2018 Monthly Egg

What could it be? Find out in 1 week!

04.07.2018 - Complete Your Quest

Professor Oak, with the help of Roark, have discovered how to make Pokémon mega evolve. There are a couple things you need to complete on your quest for Megas. First, you need to have put the pieces together and found the Key Stone. Next, you will need to talk to Roark and see if he thinks you are a worthy enough trainer to receive some of the special items he has discovered. If you can prove your worth, you may receive something truly mega!


Mewtwo is currently available as a prize via the Click Exchange. If you are lucky enough to find it, it will have the 2nd promo star.

30.06.2018 - The Key Stone

Professor Oak has discovered that Pokémon can become even stronger by Mega Evolving. Not much is known about this type of evolution. However, we do know that you need a Key Stone to trigger it.

Key Stone

If you can put the pieces together, you may be able to help Professor Oak with his research and obtain the Key Stone!

26.06.2018 - The beasts take flight...

Mega Charizard X Mega Charizard Y

11.06.2018 - The beast awakens

Mega Charizard

18.11.2016 - Aloha!

While standing in line, try to figure out what could be inside!

November Egg #1November Egg #2November Egg #3

31.10.2016 - You are cordially invited to...

This year we cooked up something particularly sssSpoOOOoOpy and cordially invite you to explore the Haunted Mansion...


Welcome to Eerie Estates! Here on our haunted grounds you will run into many friends, both old and new. This house holds many secrets, do you think you can find them all?

11.09.2016 - New Monthly Egg

Must be something amazing for waiting a year...

September 2016 Monthly Egg

29.08.2016 - Guess for Mew

Guess the Number has been updated to be better than ever! Check out the changes on the forum. To celebrate, Mew is back for a limited time.

#151 Mew

23.07.2016 - Shadow Realm Update

It seems Team Rocket is at it again. New shadow Pokémon have been spotted and we need your help to save them!

Shadow BeedrillShadow LedybaShadow Roselia

14 new Shadow Pokémon have been added to Trivia. There have also been a couple new questions added.

15.05.2016 - Latest Redraws

Enjoy the latest batch of redraws!


24.08.2015 - End of Summer...or is it

School may be starting up again, but that doesn't mean fun time is over. You can now get all 320 ice cream scoops from the slot machine AND Fishbowl Lumineon for solving a puzzle.

Fishbowl Lumineon

Both events last until the end of August.

27.07.2015 - Ice Cream Cones Return

Many of you know exactly what this means, but for those who do not, let me explain. Ice Cream Cone adopts can be purchased from the Mart and ice cream scoops can be obtained from clicking adoptables. You can then combine the two (up to 3 scoops) in the Laboratory.

Burmy Ice Cream ConeDunsparce Ice Cream ConeScraggy Ice Cream ConeStunfish Ice Cream Cone

Scoops are changed every week so get to it!

01.06.2015 - Summer Fun

Today is June 1st, the unofficial start to summer. That also means hot hot hot sun and you need a way to cool off, but how? Maybe behind a big cool rock, with some nice freezing ice cream, or with a steel air conditioner (like me). Whatever your answer is in beating the heat, make sure you go out on an adventure and encounter new Virtuadopts!

03.05.2015 - New Egg for May

A new egg is available for the month of May in the Adoption Center.

May 2015 Egg

08.03.2015 - Welcome to the Shadow Realm!

The evil Team Rocket is back and badder than ever! They have begun experimenting on Pokémon, trying to create a new, more powerful group of Pokémon to take over the world! We need you to help put a stop to them and save these Pokémon. We strongly urge you to continue reading for all the details before starting your new mission.

Shadow AriadosShadow DelibirdShadow Delcatty

Be sure to read the Official Announcement for more information on how to receive them.

25.10.2014 - Starry Musharna

These born in early Fall nights are known as charismatic and easy-going creatures. Their charming personality can't hide their indecisive side, though.

Starry Musharna

24.08.2014 - Shikoku Is Saved!

After saving Shikoku, you and your team make your way back to Professor Elm’s lab.

Rainbow Milotic

11.08.2014 - Bead Collector Vivillon

The next phone call has just occured!

10.08.2014 - Storm Blowing In

You may have noticed lightnings storms around Virtuadopt. We have now found the source!

Storm AltariaShiny Storm Altaria

12.07.2014 - Bubbles Ducklett

You and your team have reached the city of Takamatsu. It is time to call the Professor to let him know you arrived. Ring ring!

Bubbles DucklettShiny Bubbles Ducklett

10.07.2014 - World Cup Contest

It is finally down to the last two teams, Germany and Argentina. Who is going to win? We sure don't know, but we want to see which team Virtuadopt thinks will win

Player GligarPlayer Gligar

Pick the team you think will win. If you are right, you will win the other team's promo too! Details here.

18.06.2014 - Starry Duosion

Curious, creative and adaptable - these are the common traits of creatures born around June. Sadly they are also a bit cranky, but that just adds to their personal charm.

Starry Duosion

Starry Duosion is now available in Hangman for the rest of the month.

13.06.2014 - Ring...Ring...

Professor Elm's ringtone begins playing on your Pokegear...


As we do every June 1st, a new birthday promo is now available, Birthday Eevee. Cute huh? That means Birthday Audino is now retired. Remember, it does not go by your actual birthday, but the date you registered. Get it here.

Birthday Eevee

18.05.2014 - Starry Sawsbuck

Starry Sawsbuck born in late April or May tend to be very patient and chummy, but can also be stubborn and cranky.

Starry Sawsbuck

Starry Sawsbuck is now available as a guaranteed click prize for the rest of the month.

30.04.2014 - Egg Collecting Phantump

And here is Kalos’ very own Egg Collecting Phantump! He is the current favorite for gold in the egg gathering competition, and there’s speculation that he may attempt to break the current world record of locating 30 easter eggs in 10 minutes! Phantump’s current Olympic record is 20 eggs gathered, so he has a ways to go. However, it’s been a year since the last competition. Will he be able to defeat the current world champion?

Egg Collecting PhantumpEgg Collecting PhantumpEgg Collecting Phantump

Time to find out what is inside your eggs in the Easter Basket!

28.04.2014 - Paparazzi Kecleon

Hey, who invited this one? SECURITY! No photos allowed here!

Paparazzi Kecleon

24.04.2014 - Blossom Deino

Ladies and gentlemen, last year’s Miss Spring! In the spirit of the season, she is wearing designer Spring accessories and flowers native to her home, the Unova region. Will she keep the title this year, too? Stay tuned to find out!


23.04.2014 - Painting Bunnelby

And here is the Easter loving rabbit also from the Kalos region, Painting Bunnelby! Bunnelby is the Kalos champion, most famous for her skill in painting Easter eggs. She won gold last year by painting up to 10 eggs per second. She has mastered that egg painting technique perfectly, right down to the dot. Wow! Could she be the one that hid all the eggs?

Painting Bunnelby

21.04.2014 - Lady Puffy

Before we get started, will everyone please remove your hats. Lady Puffy will now be singing the National Anthem!

Lady PuffyShiny Lady Puffy

Check out the latest contest from mauwie and Siegj.

20.04.2014 - Anchor Aip Comin' At You Live

Hello and welcome to this years Easter olympics!! We are gathered here today to watch our top athletes battling, competing for the gold, and just having fun together! It's our fifth year here in VirtuAdopt city and the weather is awesome!

My name is Aip, your awesome news anchor this year! I tell you, nobody can keep up with me when it comes to snatching up the latest news. Let’s all get started by introducing this year’s participants!

Anchor Aip

16.04.2014 - Easter Olympics

In breaking news- this just in, reporting to you live from Virtuadopt city. Just days before the Easter Olympics are due to begin, the champion’s prizes, the Easter Eggs, have been stolen! It was revealed to this reporter that the thief left a note indicating that the Eggs would be hidden throughout the city. The Easter Olympics competitions won’t be affected, but let’s find those Eggs citizens, for our champions!

Egg 1Egg 2Egg 3Egg 4Egg 5

01.04.2014 - April Fools

So yeah, today is Virtuadopt's 5th birthday! What better way to celebrate than by releasing the Kalos region!!1!


18.03.2014 - 3 Mysterious New Pokémon

Our scientists are baffled as to where these new Pokémon have come from! It seems Professor Rowan has plenty to go around though!


15.03.2014 - Starry Barboach

When the days get longer, the days of the Starry Barboachs are starting. Those born under these stars are said to be emotional and perceptive.

Starry Barboach

Go check out the new Arcade Contest to win!

18.02.2014 - Starry Marshtomp

Starry Marshtomps are born in mild winter nights. They are known as very active, optimistic and smart Pokémon.

Starry Marshtomp

Seeing as you are very active, better get to work matching those cards! You have one week. Anddd.....GO

14.02.2014 - Happy Valentine's Day!

Are you old fashioned? Why not get that special someone a pretty bouquet of flowers!

Bouquet Ivysaur Bouquet Ivysaur Bouquet Ivysaur Bouquet Ivysaur Bouquet Ivysaur

Some of you may remember this for the Valentines Luvdisc a few years back. This time, there are 5 different colors and each user has only 1 of those colors they can give out. You can give out a total of 5, and not to yourself. You will have to work with each other to make sure you get one, especially if you want to adopt them all!

Happy Valentine's Day

12.02.2014 - Special Delivery!

Are you admiring someone from afar? Want to send an anonymous Valentine? Why not use the SDPS, Special Delivery Pidove Service!

Special Delivery Pidove

Solve the puzzle to get Special Delivery Pidove by Feb 26.

09.02.2014 - Valentine's Egg

Chocolate not your thing? Why not get something that they can love and hold!

February Egg

05.02.2014 - Gifts For That Special Someone

Hey there guys, Valentines is coming up soon. This is a friendly reminder to get that special someone something sweet, like this Chocolate Serperior.

Chocolate Serperior

You can get Chocolate Serperior in the slots. We swear it is not poisonous ;)

13.01.2014 - Starry Skiddo

Those born under this sign are more than happy to put in a full day at the office, realizing that it will likely take a lot of those days to get to the top.

Starry Skiddo

Don't work too hard or you won't have time to grab Starry Skiddo! Available for two weeks as a guaranteed click prize.

08.01.2014 - New Year, New Promos

Ah yes, another year has come and gone. So why not change things up a little... Lets start this year off with an awesome new egg.

January 2014 Egg #1

11.12.2013 - Advent Calendar

The Advent Calendar is still going strong! Make sure you check it every day as new days are revealed in the story. Starting today, you can get these four Arctic Luxray from the slot machines!

Arctic LuxrayArctic LuxrayArctic LuxrayArctic Luxray

29.10.2013 - Daemon Bouffalant

Don't get to close to this Bouffalant while in costume cause you may catch on fire.

Daemon Bouffalant

You can get Daemon Bouffalant from the Match game for two weeks.

24.10.2013 - Zombie Lillipup Apocalypse

What will you do when the Zombie Lillipup apocalypse begins?

Zombie LillipupShiny Zombie Lillipup

Zombie Lillipup is available in the Trading Point for three weeks.

19.10.2013 - Baby Power

Just because he is cute doesn't mean you can hold him.

Skull ElekidShiny Skull Elekid

Skull Elekid will be available for a month.

12.10.2013 - Grab Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion

Promotional Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie have retired from the slot machine. If you can tear yourself away from Pokémon X/Y long enough, here are three new promos you can win in the slots.


You can get them from both normal clicking and the Click Exchange.

11.10.2013 - Special Halloween Eggs

Two new eggs to help celebrate.

Halloween 2013 Egg 1Halloween 2013 Egg 1

07.10.2013 - Halloween Twenty-Thirteen

You may or may not want to begin combing for this Pokemon. It may startle you when you find it.

Ghost Chimecho

Ghost Chimecho is available in Crops for a limited time.

07.09.2013 - Emergency Update

While reviewing security cameras in the lab, officials made a startlingly discovery. Seconds before the incident, Arceus appeared and seemed to try and prevent the incident, but in doing so, put itself at risk and had its heart closed too. More information to follow.

Shadow Arceus

06.09.2013 - New Monthly Eggs

Two new eggs have been added to coincide with the changes in weather.

Egg 1Egg 2

The eggs are available in the Adoption Center for two weeks.

01.09.2013 - Emergency Alert Broadcast

Researchers at the Virtuadopt Pokémon Laboratory have issued a warning to all local residents. At approximately 12:00am, a test was conducted with dark matter and the Pokémon: Lugia and Ho-oh. The dark matter has infested itself with the two Pokémon and caused their hearts to close. These Pokémon have escaped from the lab and are considered to be hostile and dangerous.

Not much else is known at this time as to how this has happened or if it is contagious. If you see these Pokémon, you are to contact the Virtuadopt Pokémon Laboratory. Below are images of the infected Lugia and Ho-oh.

Shadow LugiaShadow Ho-oh

15.08.2013 - Crops Cranidos

Even though you can find Beach Cranidos in Crops, I assure you he is actually on his way to the beach for the next few weeks on a long deserved break.

Beach Cranidos

06.08.2013 - An Unholy Cross

A legendary aquatic creature with the upper body of a Slowpoke and the tail of a fish.


Slowmaid is available in Match until the end of the month.

09.07.2013 - Firework Eggs

Three new eggs are available in the Adoption Center.

July Egg 1July Egg 2July Egg 3

28.06.2013 - Spiky-eared Pichu!

Spiky-eared Pichu

16.06.2013 - 3,000,000 Adoptables

To celebrate the adoption of the 3,000,000 adoptable, we are releasing a special promo to commemorate the milestone.

Stork Doduo

Stork Doduo is available here for a limited time so act fast!

13.06.2013 - Kalos Comes Early

T-minus 4 months until the release of Pokémon X and Y and the Kalos region.


These guys retire as click promos when the games are release on October 12 worldwide. This means that the previous monster trio is now retired.

07.06.2013 - New Monthly Egg

A new egg is now available in the Adoption Center.

June 2013 Monthly Egg

It is only available for one week.

01.06.2013 - Summer Again

Starting today, Birthday Togepi is retired and Birthday Audino has taken its place. Remember, it does not go by your actually birthday, but the date you registered on. You can get it here.

Birthday Audino

Remember to check back daily for updates and new events.

01.05.2013 - Uno De Mayo

A little early, but better than being late. :)

Cinco de Mayo ClefairyCinco de Mayo Clefairy

It will be available for at least a week, so get partying!

27.04.2013 - Game Prize Updates

Wild West Keldeo has been retired from the Raffle. To replace it, we are bringing back some old favorites for a month, Lugia and Ho-oh. Didn't win a Wild West Keldeo? Keep an eye on the GTS cause I might put some up later ;)


Want a normal Keldeo? Start searching!

01.04.2013 - Wild Pokemon Loose

OMG! A wild Primeape is smashing all of your precious eggs! Find it, calm it down, and save Virtuadopt!

Mad Primeape

It will be available for a week in Match game.

30.03.2013 - Happy Easter

Meet Colored Egg Vullaby! Your hint to get it involves clicking a lot.

Colored Egg Vullaby

It will be available for a week.

16.02.2013 - New Contest

We have announced a new contest for everyone this Valentine's Day. The two categories to choose from are a Valentine's song or love poem.

Slaking of Hearts Shiny Slaking of Hearts

The contest will end March 8 at 11:59 PST. Do your best!

10.02.2013 - Chinese Gyarados

A dance with Gyarados will bring fortune, happiness and harmony.

Chinese Gyarados

You have a week to find one and fill your life with fortune, happiness, and harmony.

09.01.2013 - New Year, New Egg

It is the beginning of the new year and a new month so that means new egg! No hints this time.

January 2013 Egg

01.01.2013 - Happy New Year!

Croconaw knows how to get into the holiday spirit and is celebrating the new year a little too hard.

Adopt your own at http://www.virtuadopt.com

Firework Croconaw is available as a freebie.

01.12.2012 - Advent... Calendar?

Advent has arrived, just like every year.


It appears a diary of some kind appeared under above link. I have no clue on who is Sammy, but it seems he is pretty excited about the upcoming Christmas. Are you?

A new egg has been spotted in the Adoption Center. Could it have something to do with the start of the Advent? Who knows?
Adopt your own at http://www.virtuadopt.com

10.10.2012 - Spooky Eggs

Oh boy! Some spooky eggs are available in the Adoption Center! Hey wait a minute, they don't look scary...

Halloween Egg 1 Halloween Egg 2 Halloween Egg 3

07.08.2012 - August Monthly Egg

A new egg is available in the Adoption Center for a week.

August Egg

03.08.2012 - Another Hot Day

Sure is going to be a hot one today. Want some free ice cream to cool off? Yeah, I thought you did.

Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Cone Ice Cream Cone

24.07.2012 - Anyone for a swim??

With the temperature continuing to max out the thermometer, it is a good idea to take a dip in the nearest pool and cool off.

Diving Phanpy

Diving Phanpy is an activity prize for the next 72 hours. This means as long as you are actively doing something on the site, you will have a chance to win. The more you are on, the more likely you are to win.

20.07.2012 - Eye in the Sky

Still need to capture your own Rayquaza? You are in luck! Rayquaza is currently available for the last time as a prize in Hangman.


15.07.2012 - Beach Souvenirs

Both stefanol and myself got back from the beach yesterday and we thought you might like to have a souvenir.

Beachball Forretress Shiny Beachball Forretress

Beachball Forretress is available in the Trade Point for a month.

15.07.2012 - New Egg for July

A new egg is available in the Adoption Center for a week.

July Egg

05.07.2012 - Sunflower Drowzee

Summer is already almost half way over! But don't worry, you still have plenty of time to go outside and enjoy the sun. You might even find something interesting if you drowzee off...

Sunflower Drowzee Shiny Summer Drowzee

You might find some sunflower seeds on the ground.

01.07.2012 - July Already!?

Awww, look at the baby Smoochum! Isn't it a cutie?

Summer Smoochum Shiny Summer Smoochum

20.06.2012 - Summer Corsola

Summer Corsola is now available for the next three weeks as a random click prize. This means you win it randomly by clicking adoptables.

2048448 2048449

06.06.2012 - 2,000,000 Adopted!

To celebrate the 2,000,000 adoptable being adopted, we are releasing a special promo for a limited time only. You can receive yours here.

Two Millionth Juggler

06.06.2012 - Start of Summer Events

Three new eggs are available in the Adoption Center. Make sure you take good care of them.

Egg 1 Egg 2 Egg 3

13.05.2012 - Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there on Virtuadopt. To celebrate, this month's eggs have all hatched. Also, you should stop by the Mart and pick up a bouquet of flowers.

Mother's Day Kangaskhan Sky Form Shaymin

12.05.2012 - Unova, I Choose You!

That's right, Unova has been released! For more information, check the forum.

06.05.2012 - Special Egg Available

A new egg has been discovered for this month. They are in short supply so take good care of them.

06.04.2012 - Mysterious Eggs Found

To coincide with the Easter event, two new eggs have been released and are available in the Adoption Center.

Egg 1Egg 2

01.04.2012 - Happy Birthday Virtuadopt

Three years ago today, stefanol officially opened Virtuadopt to the public and released shiny Mew. While we won't be giving you another shot at shiny Mew, we do have a few others things for you.

You may start noticing different colored "squares" appearing around the site. No word yet as to what they are or their purpose.

Local scientists have also discovered a way to obtain Phione, but are being extremely selfish on the details of obtaining one for yourself.

PhioneShiny Phione

03.03.2012 - Kyogre is Back

Kyogre is now available in the Trade Point for 30 VP. After that, you will not be able to get Kyogre again, so don't wait around til the last minute.

02.03.2012 - Last Chance at Groudon

Weekly Arcade Contests are now back. This week's prize is Groudon. When the contest concludes, Groudon will be retired and the 300 best scores will receive one, so hurry and get your Groudon before they are gone!

24.02.2012 - Giratina Returns

Giratina has once again been spotted in the sky. This time, you have to Solve the Puzzle to receive Giratina. Complete it fast enough to win shiny Giratina too!

08.02.2012 - Alpha Pokémon Arceus

Arceus, the Pokémon that is said to have shaped the world, has awaken and we need someone to capture it! Do you part by helping others and maybe Arceus will appear to you.


04.02.2012 - New Eggs

Two new eggs have been discovered. There seems to be an interesting design on them. I wonder what is inside...

Egg 1Egg 2

01.12.2011 - Advent Calendar

December 1, the beginning of Advent. As with previous years, the Advent Calendar has appeared again. Make sure you visit it daily for updates on the latest news as this page will not be updated.

Egg 1 Egg 2

As is the tradition of starting Advent with new eggs, here are two new eggs! The eggs are available for adoption until December 24.

04.11.2011 - New Eggs

Two new eggs have been found. There appears to be some kind of leaf on the eggs.

Egg 1 Egg 2

The eggs are available for three weeks.

02.11.2011 - Burmy, Wormadam, Mothim

Wormadam and Mothim are now available. Also, the Plant Cloak, Sandy Cloak, and Trash Bloak of Burmy and Wormadam are also available. This means that the regular Pokémon from Sinnoh are all now available.

Burmy - Plant Burmy - Sand Burmy - Trash
Wormadam - Plant Wormadam - Sand Wormadam - Trash

31.10.2011 - Code Black

A large creature has been spotted flying in the skies. All residents are urged to use extreme caution tonight while trick-or-treating. We have a rough idea of what the creature looks like.


Giratina is available as a random click prize for the next 24 hours.

28.10.2011 - Trapinch Loves Chestnuts

I guess it is true what they say, you are what you eat.

Chestnut Trapinch Shiny Chestnut Trapinch

Chestnut Trapinch is available after clicking a specific number of adoptables for the next seven days.

26.10.2011 - Tricky Snorlax

Trick Snorlax is available as a prize for solving the Puzzle. Its available until November 1. Solve it in 8 minutes or less to get the shiny Snorlax.

Trick Snorlax Shiny Trick Snorlax

26.10.2011 - UPDATE Halloween Contest 2011

As if you need more of a reason to enter the Halloween Contest 2011, you might win Darkrai! No, you will not have bad dreams if you have one.

#491 Darkrai

The contest will end on November 7th at 11:59 PM so make sure you get to work on your entry. Stay tuned for a new promo later today!!!

24.10.2011 - Hungry Hungry Gible

Gible seems to have found a stash of candy and is eating it all in one bite! We highly recommend you do not try this at home.

Candy Gible Shiny Candy Gible

Candy Gible is available in the Trading Point until October 31.

23.10.2011 - Arcade Contest #31

We have announced another new arcade contest for everyone to participate in for the Halloween season. Use your mouse cursor to smash the spooky creatures with the hammer and get a high score!

Jack O Lanturn Spoink Shiny Jack O Lanturn Spoink

The top 150 players get Jack O' Lanturn Spoink and the top 10 players will also receive the shiny version too. The contest will end on October 28th which means you only have 5 days instead of the usual 7 days.

18.10.2011 - Where is Deoxys?

An odd looking Dustox seems to have replaced Deoxys in Guess the Number.

Creepy Dustox

Time between guesses has been dropped down to a hour and we are unsure how long Deoxys will be away.

18.10.2011 - Arcade Contest #30

We have announced a new arcade contest for everyone to participate in for the Halloween season. The game is obviously Halloween related. You will travel around the world with pumpkins that need to be smashed! Use your mouse cursor to smash the pumpkins and get a high score!

Jack O Lanturn Spoink Shiny Jack O Lanturn Spoink

The top 150 players get Jack O' Lanturn Spoink and the top 10 players will also receive the shiny version too. The contest will end on October 22nd which means you only have 4 days instead of the usual 7 days.

18.10.2011 - Halloween Contest 2011

We have announced a new contest for everyone to participate in for the Halloween season. You are allowed to do pumpkin carving or handicraft a lanturn.

Treat Glaceon Shiny Treat Glaceon

The contest will end on November 7th at 11:59 PM so make sure you get to work on your entry. Just look at those awesome prizes!

16.10.2011 - Important Announcement

There has been a sighting of some kind of monster lurking around swampy areas in Virtuadopt. Please be extremely careful and be alert at all times. If you get caught by it, it is going to suck, so please, watch where you step.

Marsh Monster Tangrowth Shiny Marsh Monster Tangrowth

Marsh Monster Tangrowth is available until the end of the day on Oct 31. How/where you obtain it is still a secret and has never been used before.

12.10.2011 - Pumpkin Pie Anyone?

We found two different eggs in the fields and thought we would share them with you. There are a lot of them and we think there will be enough to last 2 weeks.

Egg 1 Egg 2

01.10.2011 - Guard Your Apples!

It is the beginning of October and also the start of another promo event. This Furret seems to be guarding its barrel of apples closely. It sure has a lot saved for hibernation.

Harvest Furret Shiny Harvest Furret

Harvest Furret is available in the Slot Machine until October 15, two weeks from today.

05.08.2011 - Beach Volleyball

Summer is almost over. Looks like Lopunny is still having fun at the beach and playing a game of volleyball. Beach Lopunny is available as a random click prize.

Beach Lopunny Shiny Beach Lopunny

19.07.2011 - Taste the Rainbow

Summer isn't over yet and neither is our summer event. A brutal storm blew in earlier and now a rainbow can be seen over Virtuadopt. Kecleon had to blend in with its surroundings. How do you get this special Kecleon? You'll have to figure it out for yourself.

Rainbow Kecleon Shiny Rainbow Kecleon

07.07.2011 - Are you afraid of swimming?

Fear no more, Inflatable Tropius to the rescue!

A Summer Inflatable Tropius may join your team after reaching certain treshold of amount of clicks. I hope it won't be considered fat this time, Tropius has been depressed recently ;)

Summer Tropius

29.06.2011 - Cocktail time!

Venomoth has been spotted on one of the beaches, sipping colorful cocktail. Every half an hour, it may join one user - if you are active (on forums, clicking, lurking, trading, playing arcade games), it may decide to join your team.

Summer Cocktail Venomoth

22.06.2011 - Seaside Special Spotted

Say that five times fast. Up until now, nobody was able to get it yet - and it's still unknown how may you get one of them

Summer Azurill

19.06.2011 - New Arcade Contest Prize

For a limited time, you can receive a special Meowth as a prize in the arcade contests. There will only be 150 of these Meowth distributed over a course of three different contests within the next few months. After that you will not be able to obtain one unless by trade.

Game Corner Meowth

12.06.2011 - I scream, you scream...

we all scream for ice cream! Yes for a limited time, you can make your very own Virtuadopt Summer Pokémon Ice Cream Cones! Customize it with three scoops of Cherry Cherubi, Blueberry Buizel, or any of the other various flavors available to you by clicking.

1251820 1251825 1251816

01.06.2011 - Summer is Here!

Many of us see June 1st as the unofficial start of summer. That means it is party time at Virtuadopt! To kick of the festivities, we are revealing two new eggs that have been discovered. Only time will tell what they will hatch into.

1221921 1221927

We are also unveiling a new contest that is unlike anything you have seen before. Click here for more details on what you can do to enter. Want to see the prizes?

1220973 1221436

22.04.2011 - New Combee...or is it

It seems Combee was jealous of Torkoal having so many eggs... so it decided to replace one bee with an Easter Egg it found. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea after all.

Easter Combee

Combee is available as an activity prize. This means you must be active on the site or forums. Every 20 minutes, you will have a chance to get one for the next week.

21.04.2011 - New Easter Food Art Contest

In the spirit of the Easter season, we have started a new contest. For your chance to win the Pokémon below, you must make an edible, Pokémon styled food. Only the best entries will get the best prizes so make it good! Click the title for more details.

Easter Torkoal Shiny Easter Torkoal Shaymin

20.04.2011 - Thief on the Loose!

A group of evil Sneasel have been spotted in the area of the Slot Machine and have been stealing eggs. We need your help to capture them!

Evil Sneasel

Sneasel is available as a random clicking prize in the Slot Machine for one week.

19.04.2011 - Easter Begins!

Similar to last year, scientists from the Adoption Center have started finding weird eggs all around Virtuadopt. You can get your own rare eggs too by visiting the Adoption Center and adopting them.

Egg One Egg Two

Make sure you check back daily for more discoveries.

01.04.2011 - Happy Birthday VA!

In celebration of Virtuadopt's 2nd Birthday, we have a few presents for you. And no, your adoptables aren't going to disappear like last April Fool's.

Birthday Charmander Deoxys Birthday Pikachu

The first adoptable, Birthday Charmander, is a replacement for the Birthday Pikachu given out last year on a user's birthday. The second is Deoxys and it can be obtained in a new game called "Guess the Number." The third is a Pikachu eating cake and is a free adoptable for 24 hours so hurry and get yours now!

06.03.2011 - Sinnoh release!

In celebration of Black & White release in USA/Europe, we have decided to release the Sinnoh region today. That means even more Virtuadopt species to collect.

Turtwig Chimchar Piplup

Make sure you check the announcement to see the new features!

14.02.2011 - Happy Valentines!

The Valentines Spiritomb has been spotted.

Valentine Spiritomb


11.02.2011 - 1.000.000th Virtuadopt adopted!


Finally, we have reached a great milestone - a million Virtuadopts adopted. In celebration of that happening, a special promo is available for 24h. Details in the announcement.

09.02.2011 - Valentines Luvkarp

Valentine Luvkarp

Valentines Luvkarp has been added to the Slot Machine as guaranteed click prize. Also, there are some clicking profits for the next 24h - make sure you make use of them!

05.02.2011 - Strange Couple of Eggs

Red Egg Blue Egg

Two eggs have been spotted in Adoption Center. They look similiar, and they aren't so different from other Pokémon eggs... but those hearts must mean something. The scientists said they are somehow connected to each other.

Who knows what those eggheads meant by that, geez...

02.02.2011 - February Frost Bite

Ice Steelix

A mysterious Steelix has appeared in the Slot Machines for the next two weeks. Could its color somehow be related to the weather?

02.01.2011 - Jirachi


Jirachi appeared in Slot Machines for 24h. Be quick, and be lucky, or you will miss him.

01.12.2010 - Advent Calendar

And once more the Advent Calendar appeared on Virtuadopt. Everyday something new has been planned. Make sure you visit us often, or you can miss the attractions!

Winter Teddiursa Winter Arcanine Winter Rapidash Snowball Pichu

18.09.2010 - Black or White?

The day that we have been waiting for, for quite some time has finally come. The versions Black and White have been officially release (in Japan). With this new release comes brand new species, and what better to celebrate than to release a promotional Virtuadopt!


That's right, one of the new legendaries is now available for you. How can you get it you might ask? Well for the next seven days, Zekrom will be available in the slot machines as a random prize.
This is not all however. Tomorrow, two more Virtuadopts will be released, along with a new function. The only way to find out what these new things are is to come back and see for yourself tomorrow! (Click on news title to expand)

24.06.2010 - Summer is <strong>finally</strong> here!

Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle

Those scientists are at it again. The Adoption Center seems to have found some new, strange looking eggs lying in the garden. The scientists aren't quite sure how long these eggs will stick around, so you better grab some quick! here. The scientists have estimated that after a short time, these eggs will hatch and expose the creatures that are hiding in them. While you wait, get out in the sun and enjoy the fresh air.
And if you are a little too sunburned, check out some of the contests we have up, or get to clicking some virtuadopts. If your lucky, you may win some cool Promo Virtuadopts that our artists have drawn just for you! (Click on news title to expand)

Belossom Kirlia Pikachu

02.03.2010 - Easter is coming...

Torchic Psyduck

The dedicated scientists from Adoption Center have once again found some strange eggs laying in the garden. Who knows how long will they keep appearing, so you better grab a pair for yourself from here. Word is, that this could be related to upcoming Easter celebrations... there may be more atractions on Sunday, so we expect you then as well! (Click on news title to expand)

14.02.2010 - So I herd you leik mudkipz... || Happy Valentines Day!

Gorebyss Huntail Milotic

On Valentines day, we have decided to unlock Hoenn region. From now on, you are able to get most of the new species from Hoenn. Get yourself an egg, hatch it, and be one of the first people with the new species

Valentine Plusle Valentine Togetic Valentine Minun

Specially for Valentines time, you have occasion to adopt two special, limited distribution eggs. There is also a new click promo Virtuadopt available - details in announcement on forums.

01.12.2009 - Advent Calendar, new Christmas Eggs!

It's advent, so we have prepared something for you: Virtuadopt Advent Calendar. Visit it everyday here, follow the story, and there may be some secrets involved.

Three new monthly eggs are available, get one for your own here

Christmas Exeggcute Cookie Ditto Soldier Porygon

Details on forum.

25.11.2009 - Halloween Eggs Hatched, New Artist!

The Halloween Eggs hatched, and they uncovered special Jason Aipom, and Skeleton Cubone.

Jason Aipom Skeleton Cubone

Also, UkeSora got accepted as a new artist on Virtuadopt. Congratz!

01.11.2009 - Halloween Event!

The special Halloween Event has just begun. There are a few contests, monthlies appeared in Adopt section, a new click promo arrived, and more! Details in announcement on forums.

Haunter Vulpix Wigglytuff Meowth

10.10.2009 - Weekly Contests, small updates, artist applications

From today, you may expect every week small arcade contest, where the prize is promotional Mewtwo. Do your best, and maybe you will win this rare Virtuadopt. The Pokédex also gained a new function, new rankings appeared, and personal stats have become wide available. If you are interested in cooperating with us, on artist position, check the details on forums.

11.09.2009 - Johto release, Daycare Center, and many more!

Johto region species has become available, in celebration of release of Heart Gold/Soul Silver. There have been Daycare Center opened, allowing breeding of Pokémon, and many small, new features have been released. Details in the announcement on the forum.

13.06.2009 - First Official Contest - Mewtwo for grabs!

There is an official art contest set up on forums. Make sure you try your luck - you may get promotional Mewtwo, and as well promotional shiny Kanto birds. Check the announcement on forums.

Mewtwo Shiny Mewtwo
Shiny Articuno Shiny Zapdos Shiny Moltres

We also start looking for artists willing to cooperate with us. If you think you can draw good (especially Pokémon), and have some free time to spend on drawing Virtuadopts - let us know via e-mail (posted in announcement thread).

29.04.2009 - Miscellaneous updates!

Virtuadopt gained new functions, such as brand new mini user-profiles, statistics or Original Trainer value. There have been also some changes to current feeding system. Details in announcement on forum.

23.04.2009 - Shiny Pok&eacute;mon have arrived!

Finally, we have discovered shiny Pokémon in Kanto. Now every time you hatch en egg, there is a very small possibility it will turn into shiny!

Shiny Koffing Shiny Ponyta Shiny Digglet Shiny Shellder

Details in announcement on forum!

17.04.2009 - Global Trade Station

In celebration of 100K unique hits, we are opening the Global Trade Station. It's a place, where you can easily trade Virtuadopts with trainers all over the world!


Just come and see for yourself!

08.04.2009 - Small update

A new item appeared in Mart, Everstone.


It costs 200$, and prevents your Virtuadopts from evolving. The "freeze" function has been removed. Also, promotional shiny Mew has retired, you can no longer receive it.

01.04.2009 - Public opening

It's April Fools Day - perfect for public opening. Register at forums, and enjoy Virtuadopt! Make sure you claim free, promotional, shiny Mew - released for that occasion. Details in announcement on forum.

Shiny Mew

21.03.2009 - Revival

So, after month of work, Virtuadopt got back into internet. Back, along with forums, accounts, and other changes. Register at forums, and see for yourself!

04.02.2009 - Back on track

After long time of inactivity, Virtuadopt is getting back to life! Yay!