2022.12.01 - Advent Calendar Returns

It's December 1st, first day of Advent.

If you celebrate Advent, then you definitely know the concept of the Advent Calendar. Every day, one new thing gets uncovered. Some days are prizes, some are bonuses, and others tell a story.


Be sure to check back every day to see what unlocks!

2022.11.08 - The "QOLfish" Update

A new update has just released to Virtuadopt, and it's a big one!

It's so big, you need to read the forum post to get see everything that's changed.

TL;DR Account Settings, Pokédex enhancements, Migrations, Game Corner returns!!1!

2022.11.08 - A Monster Unleashed

No matter how often you press the button, the machine isn't reacting anymore. The power seems to be gone. But the strange aura surrounding this place is still there. You touch the button once more, when you hear the voice, this time not whispering, but clearly from behind you: "Don't turn around. You aren't ready to see me yet. Thank you for freeing me from my prison. This deed won’t be forgotten. Don’t search for me. One day, I will find you and compensate you generously. Keep my children as yours. You are not like the others. With you, they are in good hands."

The aura vanishes, and you turn around and try to catch a glimpse of who or what has spoken to you, but at that moment you find yourself back in the forest, and the old facility is nowhere to be seen… You check on your adopts, and they seem way more calm now. It looks like the effect that the building had on them has worn off.

On your way home, you think about what just happened. It seems like no time has passed at all, yet you feel like you have been gone for weeks. Has all of this just been a dream? No! You have proof that it was real in the form of these strange new adopts you have gotten.

So what was it then? You can't figure it out. Or can you?


2022.11.01 - Dr. Victor Day 151

We were blinded by our own hubris. We should have known better than to mess with the creator, who has found a way to loosen its shackles. Too late we noticed that whenever we used the machine, a part of its power escaped and corrupted the minds of my scientists further. And after the Jerry-incident, I have removed the button and hid it. The machine may never be used again, so that the creator would be bound to its prison for all eternity. We can’t risk that it breaks free and gets its revenge on us.

I’m sorry for the poor scientist who wanted to see their chosen creation coming to life, but it is too dangerous. Especially after what they have done already.

November 2022 Egg

We will abandon this laboratory now. This is my last entry. May the name Dr. Victor never be forgotten.

2022.10.24 - Dr. Victor Day 148

We thought, we could meddle with nature, creating our very own Pokémon. But we have awoken the wrath of a being older than time, in search for energy to power the PokéFuse with. An ancient being that doesn't want to get used. It's toying with our minds, showing us visions of distorted Pokémon bodies. We are plagued by twisted nightmares, and we aren't able to tell apart right or wrong anymore. Am I even writing this down, or is this just another vision haunting me?

Halloween Egg 2

2022.10.24 - Dr. Victor Day 146

The monitors are doing weird stuff. At first, they flickered and turned on and off on their own, but now they are showing cryptic messages. “Free me!!!” is written all over the screens. When we rebooted the systems, everything was back to normal. Is this the work of our power source?

2022.10.24 - Dr. Victor Day 144

Some other scientist couldn’t wait and dropped his favorite couple into the chambers. This idiot put the same Pokémon in both chambers and hit the button without giving a second thought! And apparently, he didn’t do it just once! We locked the resulting eggs away so that no one would get to see the abominations he has created in his madness!

2022.10.24 - Dr. Victor Day 143

Our scientists came up with a lot of great test subjects for creating a new Pokémon. They still haven’t decided on which pair to put into the chambers, so we’ll give them another week to vote for their favorite couple: Fusion Poll Topic

2022.10.17 - Dr. Victor Day 137

One of our scientists accidentally (at least he said so) left a bag of candy in the second chamber of the PokéFuse. It shouldn’t have been possible to activate it with just one Pokémon, yet here we are with an egg that feels like… jelly. It smells sweet, but we forbade our scientists to eat it, as there is clearly something moving inside it. We are trying to repeat the same process a couple of times to see if the result is going to change.

Halloween Egg 1

2022.10.17 - Dr. Victor Day 136

Now that we successfully created our first stable fusion, our scientists are overly ambitious to create fusions of their favorite Pokémon for themselves. But since the Daycare and several other trainers are now refusing to work with us, we can only pick one pair of Pokémon to create a fusion of. We have yet to decide which Pokémon we want to fuse together, and only the greatest minds are allowed to choose their favorite pair.